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Homeopathy 102 what to do in an EMERGENCY – by Eileen Nauman, D.H.M. (UK)

– Helps you manage acute ailments and emergencies like injuries, shock, burns, choking, snake bite, epilepsy, dehydration, foHomeopathy-emergency-remediesod poisoning, heart attack, nosebleed and many more. When your are caught in an emergency – at home in office or even in your own car- every second is precious – a prompt well-informed action can save your life!. In Homeopathy 102, learn to deal with life-threatening emergencies using homeopathic medicines. Also see how your can: recognize signs, symptoms and indicators of an emergency, injury or accident. Choose the correct homeopathic remedy for every situation. Provide the proper dosage and potency of each remedy. Give effective first aid to the victim. This handy A to Z guide also includes 50 remedies with specific symptoms for ready cross-reference with the victim’s symptoms. So, when an emergency occurs, you’ll be ready with the most comprehensive, easy-to-understand book of its kind!. “This book will make a big difference in the management of emergencies.”


Homeopathy The Science of Healing – by Rajan Sankaran, L.C.E.H. (Bom.) Gold Medalist

Homeopathy-the-science-of-healing-Rajan-sankaran Dr. Rajan Sankaran in this valuable book illustrates the basics of homeopathy and has covered practically all aspects of the science and art homeopathy. This is an excellent introduction to homeopathy. The author has tried to present homeopathy as a natural scientific system of healing. Many of the interesting cases have been cited which give ample evidence of Hering’s law of cure. The author has dealt quite competently with the doubts and questions usually asked by the public and young students of homeopathy. Homeopathic Philosophy has been enlivened with interesting clinical examples. There is also a short description of Lacheses and Phosphorus with innermost feeling of remedies gives which has been absorbed and confirmed in his own practice. The author contributed as a connecting thread in joining the different aspects of Homeopathic Philosophy together. Valuable small book illustrating Homeopathy as both science and art. The style of presentation of a difficult subject like Homeopathic Philosophy is quite lucid and can be understood even by lay people. A reference link leading to classical Homeopathy. A discussion on basic principles of Homeopathy, there real meaning and application in true sense. His style of writing is refreshing and he has used many interesting case examples.


Diabetes Mellitus its Diagnosis and Homeopathic Treatment- Dr. K.N. Mathur, M.B.B.S. (Luknow), M.F. Hom. (London)

Diabetes Mellitus – A disease which has become common day by day. Almost every family has some boDiabetes-Mellitus-its-Diagnosis-and-Homeopathic-Treatment-Mathurdy or the other suffering from diabetes. Once diagnosed, the person remains diabetic throughout the life but not ill, if managed properly. Here is an attempt to make the disease Diabetes Mellitus understandable in an easy manner and managed as well at the same time. A useful handbook for people related to diabetes in different ways may be as a doctor, as a nurse or as a patient. It is surely going to be a useful guide as it solves simple queries one could have related to this disease. Dr. K.N.Mathur is a MBBS from Lucknow. He did his M.F. Hom. From London. He also served as Resident Medical Officer at Royal Homeopathic Hospital, London. He is ex-principle of Athurastramam Homoeopathic Medical College, Kottayam. He has also served as president of Delhi Homeopathic Medical Association for many years.


Homeopathic Preventive Medicine – A shield for good health and strong immunity-Frederick L. Compton

Prevention is always better than cure. This manual provides the information necessary for the treatment and prevention of common and uncommon diseases by homeopathy. The work is an outcome of the experience of the masters and the author himself on homeopathic preHomeopathic-Preventive-Medicine-Frederick- Compton vention of infections, surgical conditions and other acute complaints. it covers a wide range of diseases with their prophylactic homeopathic prescription. it is organized in alphabetical order for quick reference and lists over 200 illnesses with their brief descriptions and suggested homeopathic treatment for each one. In today’s time when medical bills are always a heavy toll in our pockets, this book on prevention comes as a sigh of relief. Alphabetical arrangement of the diseases with preventive homeopathic treatment. Illustrates the role of homeopathic medicine for each disease condition as preventive as well as curative. Implies remedies for each disease with dosage and potency. Suggests homeopathic medicines that can be used in place of vaccination. List of homeopathic medicines which can be used as preventive for side effects of allopathic drugs. Pre and post-operative homeopathic treatment.


Defeat Diabetes – Dr. Ritu Jain, BHMSDefeat-Diabetes-homeopathy-Dr-Ritu-Jain

All queries and doubts about diabetes have been answered in this book. The treatment offered by the different alternative systems of medicine have been covered and it includes homeopathy, allopathy, Ayurveda, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, yoga, exercises, dietary advice and various home remedies.



Hair Loss explained and analysed (The Homeopathic Way) – Dr. Farakh j. MasterHair-Loss-explained-and-analysed-the-Homeopathic-Way-Dr-Farakh-Master

Hair fall, one of the commonest complaints people have. The book talks about how to manage and prevent this problem. It details about; Anatomy and structure of hair. Why at all your hairs are falling?. Different diseases of the hairs. Clinical Cases of hair fall. How to care for your hairs?. What are the possible homeopathic therapeutics?



Beginner’s Guide Homeopathy Know-how of Common Ailments and their Homeopathic Management – T.S. IYER

This book aims to help people use homeopathy for their common ailments. The contents of the book Beginner's-Guide-Homeopathy-TS_Iyerare divided into various sections covering the main organs, organs systems and includes diseases of varying age groups. The author has given the most common remedies for all these ailments along with their relevant indications. To effect cure, author has also advised regarding the potency and repetition of the dose. It is one of the best selling books for common masses to reap the benefits of homeopathy. Covers 244 common conditions along with their homeopathic treatment. Separate sections on examination of the patient, remedy selection, dosage and potency. Hints on health and diet. With glossary and word index.


A Holistic approach to ARTHRITIS & management of Chronic pain – Dr. M.K. sharma and Pragya Sharma


Arthritis is a common problem of the aged, encountered frequently during practice. Hence a book on this subject is in demand. This book is primarily written for people suffering from arthritis. It includes the treatment in different systems of medicine, viz., allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda, yoga, acupressure, etc. and management.The remedies discussed are simple and practical, within the reach of common men.





Homeopathic Treatment of ASTHMA- Dr. M.S. Sivaraman In this booklet, Dr. Sivaraman has given a vivid description of the Homeopathic approach for the treatment of Asthma. He has given details of the approaches of both the orthodox and modern homeopaths.



Illustrated guide to the Homeopathic Treatment

-Dr. H.S. Khaneja Especially written for the benefit of the new practitioners of homeopathy and laymen who are interested to learn homeopathy and treat the common ailmillustrated-guide-to-the-homeopathic-treatment-Khanejaents of their family and themselves. The third revised edition of this book incorporates the authors knowledge and experience that he gained in the recent years. new chapters like Adultery, Adrenalitis, Atheletes foot, Autism, etc. have been added. This book is unique as it contains knowledge about medicines, diseases, illustrations to explain dietary recommendations and basic facts which makes reading much more interesting. To make this book much more useful, potencies along with dosage has also been added with each remedy.


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