Buy Fourrts Cinalmix Syrup, Homeopathic Medicine for all kinds of worms

Fourrts Cinalmix Syrup, Homeopathic worms medicine for tape worm, pin worm, hook worm and round worm infestation

Fourrts Cinalmix Syrup is indicated for tape worm, pin worm, hook worm and round worm infestation. It is highly effective homeopathic medicine for worm diseases.

Stomach Worms – Causes & Symptoms
There a saying ‘Death begins in the colon’. The root cause of many terminal diseases or atleast many if them starts in the intestines. The intestines are the body’s sewer and if the digestion is not proper, it backs up in the intestine and begins to putrify. Parasites and Yeasts thrive in this environment and is one of the causes of worm infestation. The rotting food sends impurities in the blood and then circulates in the nervous system. This leads to general malaise and weakness. According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 33% of the world’s population are infected with parasites. Parasitic worms in humans often go unnoticed, or undetected, because parasite symptoms can be so vague that many people are misdiagnosed with other conditions.

A person with intestinal worms may have symptoms of dysentery, this is because intestinal infection causes diarrhea with blood and mucus in the stool. Intestinal worms can also cause a rash or itching around the rectum or vulva. In some cases, you will pass a worm in your stool during a bowel movement.

Cinalmix – Homeopathic remedy for stomach worms
Cinalmix from Fourrts is a natural herbal remedy that will help maintain digestive health and keep the system free of intestinal worms in children and adults. The herbal and homeopathic ingredients in this tincture will assist not only in keeping adults and children worm-free, but will also promote a healthy digestive tract.The ingredients have been selected for their natural properties in helping destroy organisms that can be harmful to your body you may be exposed to in the food you eat, water you drink and even in the air you breathe. It assists the body to naturally eradicate intestinal worms; boosts the body’s immune system; promotes healthy digestive functioning and supports the optimal absorption of nutrients.

Fourrts Cinalmix Syrup Contains: Each 100 ml Contains: Cina Q 1.5ml, Teucrium marum Q 1.2ml, Chelone Q 1.5ml Chenopodium Q 1.2ml, Syrup base q.s.

Action of individual ingredients in Cinalmix for worm treatment
Cina Q: Effective for intestinal irritation, irritability, variable appetite, grinding of teeth, bloated and hard abdomen and also craving for sweets, anal itching.
Teucrium marum Q: Unnatural appetite, Itching of anus and constant irritation in the evening in bed. Ascarides with nightly restlessness. Crawling sensation in the rectum after stool.
Chelone glabra Q – Good remedy for round worms and thread worms. It is an enemy to every kind of worming infesting the human body.

Dosage:Adults:10 ml of Fourrts Cinalmix twice a daily for 3 days. Children :5 ml twice daily for 3 days. Repeat the treatment after 3 weeks.

Size: 30ML

Manufacturer: Fourrts india Laboratories Pvt. Ltd

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Other effective homeopathic medicines for worms list

Medicine Name Indications with composition and size, price
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Dr.Bakshi B27 Worm Homeo drops, Vermifuge for all types of worms Dr.Bakshi’s homeopathic liquid preparation for treatment of worms in children,  indicated to help in deworming all types of worms including ascarides and threadworms. Contains: Artemisia vul. 6x. Cina 4x, Filix mas 3x, Graphites 3x, Mercurius subl corr. 6x. Size:30ML, Rs.125
Dr.Raj Homeopathy Wormoff Tablets, Homeopathy Deworming Agent Dr.Raj Homeopathy Wormoff Tablets is indicated for children with classic symptoms of worm infestation such as pain in abdomen, itching per rectum, grinding of teeth, abdominal distention, variable appetite anemia and fatigue. Tablet contains Cuprum Oxydatum Nigrum lx,  Santoninum 3X,  Chelone Glabra lx,  Filix Mas lx  Size:25Gms, Rs.95
Allen Wormicid Tablets for Worms (Tape, Thread, Pin, Hook Allen Wormicid Tablets is indicated for symptoms of worm infestation like gastrointestinal irritation, itching of nose etc. It effectively expels Ascaris Lumbricoides, Thread Worms, Tape Worms, Pin Worms and Hook Worms. Contains: Santoninum 3x 0.010gm, chenopodium Q 0.045ml, Filix Mas Q 0.045ml, Cina 0.010ml, Teucrium MV Q 0.045ml, Atistia Ind Q 0.090ml, Sabadilla Q 0.090ml, Spigelia Q 0.045ml. Size:25Gms, Rs.125
Blooume 45 Wormosan Syrup. Homeopathy medicine for Worms Blooume 45 Wormosan Syrup is indicated for reducing intensity of symptoms associated with worms. Homeopathy medicine for deworming, vermifuge action from Swiss formula.Contains Calcarea Carbonica 4x: Used in cases where infestation of worms is due to eating chalk,nud, etc. Size:30ML, Rs.75
Baksons Worm C deworming Tablets.  Bakson Worm C Tablets is an effective and safe deworming formulation which helps; Relieve pain abdomen, itching of anus and nose. Relieves Diarrhoea / constipation. Corrects altered appetite. Provides natural vermifuge action without any side effects. Size:100Gms, Rs.150
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