Buy Schwabe German Tonsiotren Tablets for Tonsillitis Treatment

Schwabe German Tonsiotren homeopathic Tablets for swollen Tonsils, tonsillitis

Schwabe German Tonsiotren Tablets are indicated for acute and chronic inflammation of the tonsils; inflammation of accessory sinuses of the nose. Its marked clinically proven action relieves pain, reduces local swelling, and eases swallowing

Schwabe German Tonsiotren is a german homeopathic formulation for Tonsillitis and contains Atropin Sulph 5x 12.5Mg, Hepar Sulph 3x 10.0 Mg, Kali Bichr 4×50.0 Mg, Silicea 2x 5.0Mg, Merc Iod Rub8x 25.0Mg with specific action on symptoms of tonsillitis like difficult or painful swallowing. Sore throat. Fever. Enlarged, tender glands (lymph nodes) in the neck, scratchy-sounding voice. bad breath, accompanying Fever, ear aches, stomach ache etc

Tonsillitis is the inflammation of the tonsils causing sore throat and other symptoms. The tonsils is a part of the ENT system of the body whose job is to help combat germs that come in through our mouth or nose before they cause infections in the rest of the body. When bacteria or viruses get into the tonsils and infect them, it leads to tonsillitis. Nine out of 10 people with tonsillitis recover within a week. But you can get better more quickly than this with medicines like Tonsiotren. In four out of 10 people, the symptoms only last for three days. If your sore throat gets worse or doesn’t start to improve after three to four days, contact your doctor for advice

Ingredients: 1 Tablet of 0.25 G Schwabe Tonsiotren Tablets Contains Atropin Sulph 5x 12.5Mg, Hepar Sulph 3x 10.0 Mg, Kali Bichr 4×50.0 Mg, Silicea 2x 5.0Mg, Merc Iod Rub8x 25.0Mg, Excipients Q. S

Mode of Action of individual ingredients in Schwabe German Tonsiotren Tablets:
Atropinum sulphuricum: It is the main alkaloid of Belladonna, which gives immediate relief. Relieves inflammation, lowers pain and improves the circulation.
Hepar sulphuris: Indicated in sore throat, scraping and shooting pain in the throat.
Kalium bichromicum: Indicated for chronic tonsillitis and sinusitis.
Mercurius biniodatus: Covers follicular tonsilitis & painful swallowing. Stiffness of muscles of throat and neck are relieved.
Silicea: Covers sore throat and severe tonsillitis. Stimulates healing process in general.

Size: Schwabe German Tonsiotren Tablets comes in 20 ml sealed bottle

Dosage: 1 to 2 tablets of Schwabe Tonsiotren Tablets three times a day, to be dissolved in the mouth. in acute cases every other hour.

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