Buy Schwabe German Mullein Oil for Earaches, Tinnitus, Hard Wax

Schwabe German Mullein Oil, homeopathic medicine for ear pain, ear wax blockage, pus, infections, ear discharge, tinnitus etc

Schwabe German Mullein Oil is indicated for earaches (obilgia) with a sense of obstruction, defective hearing, tinnitus, hardened cerumen plug, dry scalp condition of the meatus (ear opening).

Earache (Otalgia) is very common medical problem for both children and adults. The pain of earache results from inflammation and swelling of the structures that make up the ear, including the external auditory canal, the tympanic membrane, and the middle ear.

Tinnitus, or ringing (other types include buzzing, whistling, roaring, humming etc) in the ears can be caused by medication overuse (aspirin and antibiotics) or other factors. To treat your tinnitus, a homeopath will first try to identify any underlying, treatable condition that may be connected with your symptoms. If tinnitus is due to a health condition, your doctor may be able to take steps that could reduce the noise. If your tinnitus is caused by an earwax build-up, ear drops like homeopathy Mullein ear oils will be of great use

Otitis externa is a skin infection of the outer ear canal. It is the area where wax forms and infection often occurs after swimming (commonly referred to as swimmer’s ear). Otitis media is an infection of the middle ear and eardrum commonly seen in infants and younger children. Otitis media also may affect older children and adults. Pain in the ear can be accompanied with fever, vomiting, increased irritability or crying, ear pulling, Eating less than usual and refusing favorite meals, difficulty in sleeping especially on sides, resting the ear, reduced play or visible reduction in the activity level of the child.

Check Doctor advice homeopathy Hearing Loss/Deafness Medicine Kit with Chenopodium, Mullein Oil, Kali Phos etc. For hearing loss due to Meniere’s Disease, auditory nerve weakness, after injury or trauma or due to advancing age

Schwabe German Mullein Oil is also very useful in treatment of earache including incipient otitis media; hardened cerumen (wax) plugs and upper airway infections. for earaches, defective hearing, tinnitus, hardened cercumen plug.

Ingredients: Schwabe German Mullein Oil 100G Contains: Succus Verbasci E Flor Rec Et Sicc 50.0 Excipients Q. S To 100.0

The scientific name of Mullein is Verbascum thapsus, the herb has strong anti-inflammatory properties, and lab trials indicate that mullein flower infusions possess antiviral properties as well. Mullein leaf and the flowers of the plant are widely used in syrups, oils, tinctures and even used to gargle. Mullein oil is known to cure ear pain and is good for curing hemorrhoids eczema, and wounds. Tea made from mullien leaf is good for stopping incessant coughing

Dosage: External use: A wad moistened with the undiluted preparation to be placed in the auditory meatus. internal use: 10 to 15 drops of Schwabe Mullein Oil , several times a day.

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10 thoughts on “Buy Schwabe German Mullein Oil for Earaches, Tinnitus, Hard Wax”

  1. Namasthay.I am suffering With Left Ear irritation especially when doing head bath from my childhood.The diaphragm damaged with a HOLE.These drops U am using since One year Only whenever I am getting trouble ONLY,NOT REGULAR.For Ear puncture persons can use these drops ? ? Or any problem by using this.

    1. Irritation and itching in ear could be sign of ear infection that happens when water gets trapped by ear wax. People generally use hydrogen peroxide drops but Mullein oil is a better option. You should avoid head baths and if done occasionally use swimmers earplugs to avoid water exposure inside your ear

  2. Please tell me that drops for kids can be given orally (by mouth)? Can it be useful for ear fungus? How long and how many times in a day a wad can be placed in the ear of 7 years old?

  3. I am having discharge from ear for the last more than one year. Please advise whether Mullion oil will be useful or not.

    1. Otorrhea or Ear discharge is any fluid that comes from the ear. If it is a persistent drainage from the ear as in you case, it could be a symptom of chronic middle ear infection. We suggest you consult a homeopath in the matter

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