Adel Diacard Gold Drops, Heart Disease Treatment


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Adel Diacard Gold Drops, Heart disease treatment is a combination of rare herbs from Asia, Europe and America. Homeopathic drops for the heart. Acts as a Heart tonic for High BP, Breathlessness, chest pain and fainting attack.


Clinical indications of Adel Diacard Gold Drops

  • Symptoms of Heart Disease


Composition of Adel Diacard Gold Drops

> Valeriana 1x, 50G.
> Aether Sulfuricus 1x 13.0G,
> Aurum Chloratum Natronatum 4x 3.0G.
> Camphora 2x 5,0G
> Cactus Grandiflorus 2x 20,0G.
> Strophanthus Gratus 4x,10.0G.
> Crataegus 5,0G.

Dosage of Adel Diacard Gold Drops

Should symptoms occur suddenly or unexpectedly, the patient is to take drops of Diacard on a lump of sugar or in 1/4 cup of water. Unless otherwise directed by the physician, the maintenance dose is 20 drops three or more times daily, preferably before meals.
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