Dr.Reckeweg R7 Drops, Top Homeopathic Medicine for Liver diseases

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Reckeweg R7 Drops is a popular German homeopathic medicine for liver and gallbladder disease. It comes in a 20 Ml sealed bottle and contains seven well known homeopathic ingredients that have? specific therapeutic action on treating symptoms of liver diseases.

Clinical indications of R7 Drops

Reckeweg R7 drops,? Homeopathic Medicine for Liver diseases is indicated for organic and functional complaints (advanced stages of diseases as found in diagnostic testing) of liver and gallbladder, hepatopathy (liver dysfunction due to venous congestion), Uric acid diathesis, Jaundice, cholecystophathy (disease of the gallbladder), calculi (stones), ascites, cholangitis (infection of bile duct), hepatitis, swelling of the abdomen, lack of appetite, bitter taste in mouth, flatulence, constipation, weariness after meals, irritation, hypochondria (abnormal chronic anxiety about health)

Composition of R7 Drops

Reckeweg R7 Drops, Homeopathic Medicine for Liver diseases contains Carduus Mar. D2, Chelidonium D2, Cholesterinum D6, Colocynthis D6, Lycopodium D4, Nux Vomica D4, China D3

R7 Dosage

Reckeweg R7 Drops, Homeopathic Medicine for Liver diseases is indicated to be 3 times a day 10 to 15 drops in some water before meals. If no improvement occurs within 8 to 14 days take 10 to 15 drops 4 to 6 times a day and reduce the dose when improving. Even after complete disappearance of the complaints. 1 to 3 times a day for a longer period of time, watching diet rigorously.
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5 reviews for Dr.Reckeweg R7 Drops, Top Homeopathic Medicine for Liver diseases

  1. Arun Rk

    Does R7 helps maintain end stage liver disease with hepatic encephalopathy

  2. Babar

    My wife aged 37 diagnosed stone in gallbladder plz suggest medicine one small soft stone is detected


      You may check out doctor recommended homeopathy medicines kit for Gallstones here –

  3. Prakash Chander

    I have fatty liver .kindly suggest best medicine for it.

  4. Somanath Das

    I am having a gall bladder stone of size 0.8cm. So I want to know that R7 medicine can cure it or not


      R7 has cholesterinum that helps dissolve Gallstones (crystal like deposits), the dose strength and duration of treatment of medicines depends upon the number of gallstones and their size. Any gallstone with size more than 5mm increases the risk of biliary pancreatitis. So pls consult a doctor for early treatment

  5. Sithembile

    I want to find out if R7 can still be used after the gallbladder has been removed, for healing purposes or is there something else I can use.


      You have undergone what is termed as Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy which takes around two weeks to heal before you return to your normal activities. More than half of patients who have their gallbladder removed have trouble digesting fat. So you may face temporary diarrhea and or constipation. Liver will continue producing bile and R7 will be helpful to keep it at optimal condition

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