Schwabe Alpha Acid Tablets, Hyperacidity Treatment


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Schwabe Alpha Acid Tablets, Hyperacidity Treatment provides relief from acidity and heartburn with constant eructation and regurgitation. It is also useful in gastric disturbances, burning, epigastric pain and dyspepsia. Relieves associated nausea, vomiting and profuse flow of saliva, associated headache and weakness.

Clinical indications of Schwabe Alpha Acid Tablets

  • Hyperacidity and heartburn associated with indigestion
  • Flatulence,
  • Gastritis and
  • Gastric ulcer.

Composition of Schwabe Alpha Acid Tablets

Schwabe Alpha Acid Tablets Contains Bismuthum subnitricum 2x; capsicum annuum 5x; Robinia pseudacacia 5x; Iris versicolor 3x; Arsenicum album 5x; Excipients Q. S

Dosage of Schwabe Alpha Acid Tablets

1- 2 tablets of alpha acid to be given thrice daily. Children can take 1 tablet every 2 hours and subsequently thrice a day. If complaints are not relieved, consult a specialist.
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