Schwabe Alpha WD, Homeopathic Weak Defense System Drops


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Schwabe Alpha WD is a homeopathic Weak Defense System medicine that provides protective shield against day to day infections. Strengthens immune system to prevent recurrent respiratory infections. Promotes recovery. Ensures proper functioning of lymphatic system, which is intimately linked to immune defence mechanism.

Clinical indications of Schwabe Alpha WD Drops

  • Weak Defense System
  • Strengthens immune system

Composition of Schwabe Alpha WD Drops

Echinacea purpurea; Lachesis 9x; Mercurius sol. Hahn. 8x, phytolacca 1x; Thuja occidentalis 1x; Excipients Q. S. Alcohol content: 45% v/v.

Dosage of Schwabe Alpha WD Drops

Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, 10-20 drops hourly for a couple of days, and thereafter 3 times daily over an extended period of time. Children are to receive half the above dose. If complaints are not relieved, please consult a specialist.
Note: The product contains alcohol. Dose may need appropriate alteration in the case of children, pregnant and lactating ladies and in certain serious liver and alcohol problems.
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