Mama Natura Kit. Homeopathy Medicine Pack for children health problems

Schwabe Mama Natura Kit. Children medicine pack, immunity, cough, cold, flu, rhinitiis

Schwabe has introduced multiple problems homeopathic kit for children to address health problems occurring at various stages in a Child’s life.

Children health problems are seen across four periods of development of infancy (0-12 months), early childhood (1-5 years), middle childhood (5-11 years), and adolescence (11-21 years). Among common childhood health ailments ear infections and tonsillitis rank high, and this is unavoidable condition. However poor appetite, weak bones, rickets, anemia, weak immunity, bed-wetting, can be avoided with proper treatment. Serious infectious diseases also fall in preventable conditions and addressed by immunizations, dental caries (tooth decay) can be prevented by ongoing oral care & treatments.

The kit contains five well known products to address common child health problems. Indications of individual products are as below
Schwabe Munostim Tablets is an ideal child immunity supplement. Munostim activates the immune system in children and helps seasonal problems which kids go through. Munostim helps build resistance against diseases by activating the immune system in children. It builds an active defense system against repeated attacks of illness. It is safe and can be taken with other specific medicines indicated against allergies, cold and flu.

Schwabe Nisikind globules effectively controls common respiratory problems in children and is indicated for cold associated with cough, shortness of breath, hoarseness, muscle pain & fever, Effectively controls dry hacking cough and soreness in the chest, Relieves hoarseness and dryness of throat, Controls body ache, headache and associated mild fever, Allays physical and mental restlessness.

Schwabe Rinikind globules effectively relieves rhinitis and irritating symptoms such as sneezing, nasal discharge and watery eyes in children. Controls allergic rhinitis, inflammation of the nasal passage and checks sneezing, Relieves nasal discharge with watery eyes and removes tenacious mucus in larynx, Further improves tolerance to cold and other allergies.

Schwabe Tussikind tablets are proven natural treatment for cough Lungs get directly exposed to environment through the air that is inhaled. Allergens or micro organisms enter the body through the respiratory tract. The cough reflex is stimulated by the irritation and helps to remove the foreign matter along with the secretions. If the flu and common cold are left untreated, the condition may result into bronchitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane in the bronchial tubes). Common symptoms include difficulty in breathing, wheezing, fever etc.

Schwabe Luffakind Tablets Effectively controls allergic manifestations like pollinosis and allergic rhinitis in Children. Symptoms of allergic rhinitis and hay fever include itching eyes, throat, skin, runny nose and lack of energy. Many children suffer from allergic diseases. Allergic rhinitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose) and hay fever (allergy caused by pollen or dust in which the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose are inflamed) are the most common allergic diseases.

Presentation pack contains 5 medinines Munostim-1 bottle of 10 gms, Nisikind – 1 bottle of 10 gm, Rinikind 1 Bottle of 10 gm, Tussikind – 1 bottle of 10gm, Luffakind – 1 bottle of 10gm. Activity Booklet-1, 48 pages Product Range Booklet – 1, Tattoo sheet- 1 , All items packed in Multipurpose Impact Proof Pouch.

Ingredients of Mama Natura Kit: Schwabe Munostim globules contains: Echinacea angustifolia 80mg, Thuja occidentalis 2x 40mg, Propolis 3x 40mg, Eleutherococcus 1x 40mg, Applied to globules 10gm.
Schwabe Nisikind globules contains: Aconitum napellus 6x (30 mg), Bryonia alba 6x (20mg), Euphatorium perfoliatum 6x (20mg), Gelsemium sempervirens 6x (10mg), Ipecacuanha 6x (10mg), Phosphorous 12x (10mg), Applied to globules (10mg).
Schwabe Rinikind globules contains: Luffa operculata 6x (50mg), Sambucus nigra 3x (50mg), Applied to globules (10mg)
Schwabe Luffakind tablets contains: Luffa Operculata 4x 40Mg, Cardiospermum Halicacabum 3x 30Mg; Galphimia Glauca 3x 30Mg; Applied To Globules 10Gm.
Schwabe Tussikind tablets contains: Antimonium Sulphuratum Aureum 3x 10Mg; Bryonia Alba 3x 10Mg; Drosera Rotundifolia 3x 10Mg; Spongia Tosta 3x 10mg; Ipecacuanha 4x 10Mg; Excipients Q.S.

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2 thoughts on “Mama Natura Kit. Homeopathy Medicine Pack for children health problems”

  1. hello sir,
    my son is 4 yrs old and is suffering from nasal congestion,light fever,tonsil,runny nose,shortness of breath,red eye once or 2ce a month.he needs to use inhaler and antibiotics regularly. pls suggest what is the medicine for trim homeopathy and also the dose.

    1. most of the indicated symptoms are covered by the Mama natura kit, dosage details included in it

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