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Back Pain Treatment without Surgery; Successfully treated in Homeopathy

Homeopathy Case Studies: Back Pain treated sucessfully without surgery

back pain treatment without surgery. homeopathy medicines

Case 1: Back pain due to psychological causes

Twenty-six-year-old Apeksha, a housewife came to us with lower back pain. It all started after her marriage when her in laws did not treat her well and ‘favoured’ their other daughter -in-law: Apeksha carried this feeling of hurt and kept brooding over it. This slowly, led to chronic back pain. Based on her suppressed emotion she was given Natrum Muriaticum, which not  only relieved her of backpain, but also made her capable of tackling her daily Problem, in a more positive, proactive manner.

Expert’s View

This case exemplifies the importance of the psychosomatic nature of what are commonly believed to be purely physical ailments Homeopathy can effectively treat physical problems, which may have an emotional basis. Some other eexamples are given below

  • Aconitum Napellus for complaints occurring from fright, emotional shocks and anger. Features indicating its use are over-sensitiveness to pain. Ailments from fright, emotional shocks and anger
  • Argentum Nitricum for migraine that follows some sort of emotional disturbance
  • Gelsemium Semp for nervousness in patient who get emotionally excited easily

Case 2: Back pain due to sitting in wrong posture 

Thirty-five-year-old Anurag Arya, a sales manager in a FMCG company, came to us with excruciating lower backache – this had incapacitated him from sitting or walking. The only position in which he felt better was lying down on bed. All his tests, including CT scan and MRI, were normal. On detailed case-taking, our homeopaths found that the way he sat on his chair was inappropriate. The executive chair which he used did not have a proper back rest and most likely cause of his backache. Anurag was was advise to adopt the right posture also change his office chair. He was prescribed the homeopathic remedy, Rhus Toxicodendron. A Few weeks later Anurag came smiling, his back pain no longer troubled him

Expert’s view

Poor body posture can lead to many other problems, some of them alongwith homeopathic remedies listed below

  • Cervicalgia: improper posture for a long time like while sitting in front of a computer or television can cause neck strain. Cimicfuga for neck stiffness, Bryonia for pain that gets worse from motion & Rhus Tox are top remedies
  • Muscle contusion or bruised muscle from poor posture. Ruta Grav for strained tendons and Bellis Per for sore muscle pain from strain
  • Digital Eye strain:  caused by viewing digital devices from wrong distance (too far or too close to eyes) ; from wrong angles required for eye focus; not maintaining right posture when viewing a digital device. Onosmodium for eye pain, headache. Phosphorus for eye pain, blurred vision. Ruta Grav for eye strain
  • Trochanteric bursitis: poor posture that put strain on the hip can cause hip pain caused by inflamed bursa. Colocynth for continuous drawing pain from hip, Causticum for soreness of hip on the side laid upon

Case 3: back pain due to arthritis

Fifty-seven-year-old Pushpa  also had severe back pain. She was obese and ‘seemed to be all about herself. She was abrupt; she did not speak beyond a point. Diagnosed with ‘slipped disk, she had undergone fusion surgery, in her spine abroad. For 3-4 years, following her return to India, she said she was pain-free until “these extremely painful ‘aches’ started.” Instead of endless painkillers, her orthopaedician suggested acupuncture and physiotherapy – neither of which gave her relief. When our homeopaths examined the case, they noted she described that her back “was so sensitive,” in the Questionnaire.  She winced each time at the thought of touching it.” She also said she  felt better when she lied down, or slept, or took rest. Our experts prescribed her Tellurium Metallicum. It took twelve weeks for her to feel better. Since then, and for over a year now, Pushpa been pain-free

Ankylosing spondylitis and back pain

People with Ankylosing Spondylitis which is a type of arthritis can be affected by lower back pain. Patients often describe an ongoing, dull pain that feels like it’s coming from deep within their lower back or buttocks, along with morning stiffness.Tellurium Met is a homeopathic medicine for ankylosing spondylitis with marked sacral pain (sacroiliitis) radiating down the thigh. The back is sensitive, and the pain gets worse from touch. A feeling of weakness in the back, and cervical back pain spreading to the shoulder and between the scapulae are other symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine. The cervical spine is also sensitive to pressure and touch.

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Back pain due to gas: if you are suffering bloating or flatulence caused by excessive build up of gas, then the patient may feel the pain radiating to lower back. Nux vomica is an effective medicine for epigastric pain. The pain tends to worsen after a meal. Lycopodium is good  for flatulence and acidity and rumbling of flatulence particularly in the left upper part of the stomach and gastritis. Homeopathy Dr Kent gas relief combination advised

Back pain due to sitting: Long hours of sitting put a strain on your back especailly the discs of your spine affecting their cushioning effect. Homeopathy can help relieve back pain from sitting with specific remedies like Cobaltum and Phosphorus. Phosphorus is indicated where prolonged sitting leads to back pain. Weakness in the back may also be felt. Burning sensation in the spine is another feature that may attend. Cobaltum is used where pain in the back is worse in the sitting position. The pain usually radiates from the lower back down the legs and feet. Weakness in the legs may be felt. Walking may relive the back pain.

Back pain due to sperm loss: back pain can result from body weakness especially due to loss of seminal fluids. Dr Pranjali has identified certain homeopathy medicines like Acid Phos for this debilitic conditions of the body, know more here 

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