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Tongue Diseases and Homeopathic Treatment. Medicines List

Tongue is called the mirror of the stomach, it can prove to be a key factor in determining many conditions and overall health of the body. The healthy tongue is free of any discomfort such as pain , stinging, burning, swelling or numbness. Analyzing the patient’s tongue is therefore a very useful starting point in most treatments.

Tongue Diseases pictures with remedies

Dr K. S Gopi recomended homeopathic medicines for tongue diseases

black tongue yellow coated tongue picture with medicine

picture of blisters on tongue, red spots on tongue, pain swelling

ringworm on tongue, white coated tongue, furrow in tongue

picture of red dry sore tongue, cyst in tongue, disease

picture of paralysis of tongue, peeling of skin, loss of sensibility in tongue

  • Taraxcum Off. 30-Tongue mapped, covered with a white film , feels raw, comes off in patches. Red sensitive spots on tongue
  • Thuja Occ 200– A cyst under the tongue. White painful blisters close to the root of the tongue. Biting of the tongue
  • Veratrum Viride 30-Tongue white or yellow with a red streak in the middle
  • Viburnum Prun.30– Cancer of tongue

picture of ulcers on tongue, burning tip, tongur infection


Dr Vikas Sharma recomended homeopathic medicines for tongue diseases

  • Merc Sol – Top Grade Medicine for Mapped Tongue (dark spots along with redness of tongue)
  • Natrum Mur – For Red Patches on Tongue with Dryness (peculiar sensation of hair on the tongue may be present, front of the tongue is clean and the back of the tongue is coated
  • Taraxacum -For Dark Red Spots on Tongue (sensitive and tender. Tongue is coated white)
  • Lachesis – Mapped Tongue with Cracks at the Tip of Tongue (swollen and inflamed along with blisters on it. It may be dry in the centre)
  • Ranunculus Sceleratus – with Rawness, Smarting or Burning Sensation (sides of the tongue have island-like denuded spots while the rest of the tongue is thickly coated)
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