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Top homeopathy Medicines for Food Allergy Treatment. Buy Online

As per WHO, the foods which cause the most severe reactions and most cases of food allergies are: Cereals containing gluten, crustacean, eggs, fish, peanuts, soybeans, milk, and tree nuts. Immunoglobulin E (IgE) mediated food allergy affects an estimated 3% – 10% of adults and 8% of children worldwide as per journals(.)lww(.)com.

Food Allergy Symptoms: dripping nose, itchy eyes, dry throat, rashes and hives, nausea, diarrhea, labored breathing, anaphylactic shock in severe cases
Risk Factor: A person with a positive family history of any food allergy or other allergies


Why Homeopathic Treatment of Food Allergy?

  • Homeopathy treats food allergies as an expression of a disturbance in the patient’s healing system. Food allergies are not a disease to be cured, but a reflection of an underlying imbalance to be corrected.
  • Homeopathic medicines help moderate the overactive immune system and reduce the severity of the symptoms
  • These natural remedies strengthen the immune system and the severity of an allergic reaction is reduced.
  • Homeopathic medicines treat milk allergy by optimizing the immune system and once the immune system is moderated, the intensity and severity of the symptoms get reduced.

Dr.H.S Khaneja recommends for Food Allergy

Herbans Singh Khaneja, (Former president of The Homeopathic Medical Association of India) presently staying and practicing in Canada has acquired about 70 years of clinical experience. He is the author of best selling book “Illustrated Guide to the Homeopathic treatment” which is sold over 200000 copies

Food Allergy
Carbo veg., Pulsatilla nig. (tds) Allergic to poultry items, aspirin, salt and butter. Milk causes flatulence.
Chininum ars. (tds), Natrium mur. 200 (od) Allergy to eggs.
Kalium bich. (tds) Allergy to beer and whisky.
Lac vaccinum def. 30, Sepia, (tds), Sulphur 30 (od), Tuberculinum 200 (hs) Allergy to milk which disagrees.
Lachesis 200 (od) for 3 days Repeat after 15 days Allergic to vinegar, pickles and sour acidic foods.
Magnesium carb. (tds) Allergic to milk and meat.
Natrium carb. (tds) It removes allergy when milk causes diarrhea.
Natrium mur. 200 (od) Allergic to bread, pickles and acidic foods.
Nux vomica (tds), Oxalicum acidum (tds) Allergic to coffee
Petroleum (bd) Allergic to cabbage.
Psorinum (hs) Repeat once a week AIlergy to wheat which causes eczema.
Pulsatilla nig. (tds) Allergy to orange juice which causes irritation of the skin. Allergic to pastry and rich ice cream mixed with fruits. Allergy to bakery foods.
Rumex crispus (tds) Allergy to meat which causes eructations and itching
Saccharum off. (tds) Allergy to sugar.
Selenium met. (tds) Allergic to lemonade.
Sepia (tds) Allergic to fats and boiled milk which causes diarrhea.
Tellurium met. (bd) Allergic to rice.
Thuja occ. (tds) Cannot eat onions which cause coryza and ophthalmia. Allergic to music which causes weeping and trembling.
Zingiber off. (tds) Allergic to melons.


Dr.Pranjali recommends for Food Allergy

Dr.Pranjali is a Bangalore based homeopath and a popular youtube presenter.  
Dr.Pranjali recommended food allergy emergency kit contains 7 units of sealed 30ml drops of following medicines: Pulsatilla, Psorinum 200c, Lacheses 200c, Thuja Occidentalis, Tellurium metallicum, Natrum carbonicum, Petroleum. For detailed indications of each medicine and dosage guidelines refer here


Dr.K S Gopi recommends for Food allergy

Dr. K S Gopi is a former Professor, Govt. Homeopathic medical college, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. He has got four decades of teaching and research experiences in the field of Homoeopathy

    • Carbo Veg30, Nux Vomica30 and Sulphur200 are top remedies for allergy from Egg
    • Urtica urens3x is the best remedy for Shell fish allergy
    • Colocynth30, Lycopodium30, and Natrum Mur30. are best Homoeopathic remedies for allergy from Wheat
    • Aethusa Cynapium30, Natrum Carb30 and Pulsatilla30 top Homeopathic medicines for treating Milk allergy
    • Coffea Cruda30, Ignatia30, Kali phos30, Nux vomica30, Rumex30 are best Homoeopathic medicines for allergy from Banana
    • Antim crud30 is effective for allergy from fruits
    • Lachesis200 is effective for allergy from Vinegar, Pickles and sour acid fruits
    • Kali bich30 is good for allergy from drinking alcoholic beverages like Brandy, Whisky
    • Fluoric acid30, Kali sulph30. are good remedies for Fish allergy.
    • Aluminum acidum30 is effective foe allergy from Gluten
    • Carcinosin200, Lycopodium30, Sulphur200 and Thuja occ200 Are good remedies for allergy from Onion.
    • Morbilinum200 is effective for allergy from Peanuts.
    • Ignatia30,Kali nitricum30, Pulsatilla30, Sulphur200, Tellurium30 are top remedies for allergy from Rice
    • OleanderQ is very effective for allergy from Tomatoes
    • Nux vomica30 is effective for allergy from Coffee
    • Saccharum off30 Is effective for allergy from Sugar


Dr. Rukmani Choudhary & Dr. Kirti Vikram singh recommends for Food allergy

Dr.Rukmani is a certified medical aesthetic professional and registered Homeopathic Physician located in New Delhi.
(HINDI)हेलो आप सभी को — इस विडीओ में हमने #foodallergy —ख़ाने से होने वाली ऐलर्जी के बारे में जानकारी दी
है??#Foodintolerance #Allergy
Rx-R-83 (Dr Reckeweg German Homeopathic Medicine)
डॉक्टर रेकवेग जर्मन होमीओपैथिक मेडिसिन के बारे में बताया है?? —दवा Kaise लें?? —कब तक लें??कितना लें?? —कब लें??कब ना लें?? पूरी जानकारी के लिये पूरी विडीओ देखें —दवा कहा से लें??


Dr.Vikas Sharma recommends for Food allergy

Dr.Vikas is a M.D In Homeopathy and practices at Mohali (chandigarh) for the last 2 decades. He is a columnist in Triubne, a daily newspaper

  • Allium Cepa is Effective for Wheat Allergy with Allergic Rhinitis, Carbo Veg and Lycopodium for Bloating due to Wheat Allergy
  • Natrum Carb for Milk Allergy Causing Diarrhea. Magnesia Muriatica for Milk Allergy with Stomach Pain. Pulsatilla Nigricans is a Effective Natural Remedy for Milk Allergy where Milk Consumption Triggers a Reaction
  • Apis Mellifica for Peanut Allergy with Skin Reactions. Rhus Tox for Peanut Allergy with Skin Eruptions


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