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Phosphorus Homeopathy Medicine: Indications, benefits, dosage, side effects

Phosphorus was discovered in 1673 by a German alchemist by name Brandt, but its proving’s were established by Hahnemann in numerous cases of poisoning and by the effect on workers in match factories notably the necrosis of lower jaw. This medicine is known to have an inflammatory effect on mucous & serous membranes, spinal cord, acts on bone texture, and it disorganizes the blood and causes hemorrhages. Its therapeutic range of actions compliment with Tuberculinum

The Leading Characteristics of Phosphorus Homeopathy Medicine

  1. Constipation: Feces slender, long, dry, tough and hard; voided with great straining and difficulty.
  2. Diarrhoea watery with sago-like particles; anus remains open; involuntary; during cholera time; morning; old man’s diarrhoea; during menses.
  3. Cough on going from warm to cold air; worse from laughing, talking, reading, drinking, eating, lying on left side.
  4. Haemorrhage: Metrorrhagia (abnormal uterine bleeding), haemoptysis (blood spitting), epistaxis, haematemesis, vicarious menses; from urethra and anus; metrorrhagia with cancer of uterus, frequent and profuse with ringing in ears, fainting, loss of sight, general coldness, some-times with convulsions. Haemorrhagic diathesis; small wounds bleed much. After tooth-extraction. Epistaxis in children who grow up too rapidly.
  5. Tubercular deposits begin in apex of lung, usually on the left side.
  6. Ailments after loss of vital fluids; which are worse lying on left side, and before and during thunderstorm; with all gone sensation in abdomen, relieved by eating; with burning pains in small spots; with complaints that appear diagonally, upper right, lower left; with vomiting of water as soon as it reaches the stomach, desire for cold water.
  7. Aphonia from singing; hoarseness, worse in the evening.
  8. Pain in the chest, intercostal spaces (between ribs), worse from slightest’ pressure and lying on left side; excited by cold air.
  9. Necrosis (tissue death) of the left lower jaw.
  10. Fevers with great desire for cold drinks, juicy, refreshing things; ice-cream which relieves gastric pains.
  11. Nasal polypus: Bleeding profusely.
  12. Eye diseases: Blindness due to sexual excesses; retinitis, simple or albuminurous; detachment of retina; retinal apoplexy and muscular asthenopia (tiring with pain, etc.).

Phosphorus Homeopathy Medicine is suited to the following types of patients:

(a) who are born sick, feeble, anaemic, nervous

(b) who grow up too rapidly, slender, fair skin, delicate, fine blonde or red hair;

(c) who have quick perception, very sensitive to external impressions, light, noise, odours, touch;

(d) who are restless, fidgety, move continually, cannot stand or sit still for a moment, are inclined to stoop, and suffer from nervous tremblings;

(e) who are weak and easily exhausted, weary of life, full of gloomy forebodings;

(f) who have a weak, empty, all-gone sensation in head, chest, stomach and entire abdomen; who have longing for acids, spicy things, ice-creams and very cold water;

(g) who have haemorrhagic diathesis (predisposition); small wounds bleed profusely from every mucous outlet;

(h) who are disposed to phthisis ( progressive wasting disease like Tuberculosis)

(i) old people with morning diarrhoea.

Phosphorous homeopathic medicine

The Phosphorous Homeopathy Medicine Patient:

Adult Profile type

Personality & Temperament

Phos types need lots of stimuli to give their effervescent, imaginative natures full expression and to avoid becoming irritable and apathetic. Generally optimistic, they love to be the center of attention However, they may wilt under pressure and can he surprisingly indifferent to family and close friends. When unwell or upset, they need lots of sympathy and adore being stroked.

Phos people are open, expressive and affectionate, and they often have artistic flair. They are very empathic, giving readily of themselves. However, their enthusiasm is relatively short-lived and their energy is diffused; they may offer more than they can actually deliver.

Food Preferences

Likes salty foods, spicy foods, cold, fizzy drinks, ice cream, wine, cheese, sweet foods. Dislikes fish, fruit, tomatoes. Upset by hot foods and drinks, milk.


Darkness and ghosts, burglars and being alone, thunderstorms and water, failure in business, illness, cancer and death.

General Features

Better: For fresh air, being stroked, lying on the right side, for sleep

Worse: In thundery weather, mornings and evenings, lying on the left side, for mental and physical exertion.

Physical appearance

Phos types are usually tall and slim and look well-proportioned. They have either dark or fair hair, often with a coppery tinge. Their skin is fine and pale and blushes or flushes easily, They dress with flair and flamboyance.

Weak areas of the body

  • Left side of the body
  • Lungs
  • Digestive organs: stomach, bowels
  • Liver
  • Circulation
  • Nervous system

The Phosphorous Child

  • Tall and thin for his or her age and may have a reddish glint to the hair.
  • Fine featured, with slender hands and a tendency to blush or flush readily.
  • Fidgety, nervous, perceptive, excitable and trusting.
  • Likes to have company and fed popular.
  • Very affectionate and sympathetic to others. Loves solace and cuddles.
  • Imaginative and artistic.
  • Dislikes sustained study. Hates exams and homework.
  • Afraid of the dark and thunderstorms.

Phosphorous Homeopathy Medicine: medicinal uses, drug benefits, side effects

Heart Heart palpitations mainly when resting on the left side, afflux of blood to the chest and suffocation, anguish. General nervous exhaustion and hypersensitivity. Check Reckeweg R3 drops
Nervous Disease Constitutional remedy in cases of growing too fast and for the very thin generally. Check Reckeweg R36 drops
Burning of feet. Weakness and trembling. Check Bakshi B45 drops
Proteinuria Weakness, parenchymal degeneration, analysis of urine shows protein and blood and cylindrical casts. Chronic nephritis, almost specific as a kidney remedy. Check Reckeweg R64 drops
Pancreas Gastric symptoms, oily stools, fatty degeneration in advanced cases. Check Reckeweg R72 drops
Abdomen feels cold, sharp, cutting pains, fatty degeneration jaundice, pancreatic disease. Check Bakshi B70 drops
Jaundice, liver disease helps relieve diseases of the stomach and intestinal tract, ranging from bleeding ulcers (Ulcera ventriculi, Ulcera duodeni) to acute liver dysfunction with accompanying spasms. Depression and other psychosomatic symptoms, as well as painful headaches, are also addressed. In addition, Phosphorus can effectively heal infections found throughout the body, including the eyes, respiratory tract, heart and intestinal tract, as well as helps in degenerative changes in the bone structures. Check Adel 3 drops
Diabetes is an important regulator of all metabolic processes in the body and helps address acute and chronic illnesses of the digestive organs. It is well known that many cases of diabetes are proceeded by a hepatitis, which may result in a lingering intoxification that either leads to the onset of diabetes. Check Adel 18 drops
Cold & flu It is indicated where the picture is of destructive metabolism, great lowness of spirit, neuralgia, parts must be kept warm, chronic catarrh with small haemorrhages, larynx very painful, sore throat, cannot talk on account of pain in larynx, cough from tickling in throat, worse in cold air. Check Schwabe alpha CF tablets
It suits chronic catarrh, epistaxis, hoarseness, painful larynx, sore throat, aphonia like symptoms, nervous cough provoked by odours or seeing strangers, short naps and frequent wakings. Check nisikind globules
Cholesterol Removes cholesterol deposits. Check Allen A89 drops
Cough Cough from tickling in throat. Check Allen A49 drops

Buy Phosphorous homeopathic medicine online

Mother Tincture Q SBL
Dilution (available in 6c, 30c, 200c, 1m, 10m) SBL
Pills (available in 6c, 30c, 200c, 1m, 10m) Phosphorus 2 Dram Pills 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M
Specialities Bjain Omeo Digestion Syrup
Allen A63 Heart Burn Drops
BJain Omeo Flu Tablets
Dr.Bakshi B45 Neural Drops
Dr.Reckeweg R36 drops
Bakson Gastro Aid Tablet
Haslab HC-92 Spongia Complex Tablets
Adel 18 Glucorect Drops
Bhargava Minims 24 Sinin drops
Allen A49 Homeopathy Drops
Adel 83 Bronchi Pertu Syrup
Dr.Bakshi B4 Heart drops
Wheezal WL59 Pyorrhoea Drops
Dr.Bakshi B70 Pancreatic Drops
Allen A89 Homeopathic Cholesterol Drops

Side effects of Phosphorous overdose

Too much Phosphorus can be toxic. An excess can cause diarrhea, as well as a hardening of organs and soft tissue. Should not be given too low or in too continuous doses. This medicine is not compatible with Causticum

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  1. I am self medicating my 10lb dog with lung tumor with Phosphorus. She seems to fit this approach. Wondering how many days to give the Phosphorus 30 five little round tablet dose. Says on the vial to give three times a day, but doesn’t say for how many days. Thanks.

  2. Sir, Iam suffering from burning sensation and heat in right side below shoulder blades and it pass through stomach(R) side and thigh, and Rigkt side leg fingers like dragging with heat kindly give suggestion which is good homey besides iam. Taking self medication in homework from : vn rao

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