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Compendious on Hypericum Perf: Indications, benefits, side effects

About Hypericum Perforatum Homeopathy Medicine

Common Names of Source: St. John’s Wort (whole plant), the name means to ‘rise above one’s demon’. Historically perceived as a medicine that can help lift a person out of the dark places, hence used for exorcisms and house purification in earlier times

Keynote: It is known to have  a strong healing influence on the nervous system. Shooting or radiating pains, Backache, Injuries to nerves, Sensitive Arms, low Spirits (depression). Excessive painfulness is a guiding symptom to its use.  Historical dose: Tinctures and all potencies.

Description: When hammers hit thumbs, bedposts hit toes, or bottoms hit floors, people love this remedy. Because Hypericum can make radiating and shooting pain symptoms and intense throbbing in sensitive areas (fingers, toes, coccyx, etc.) more tolerable in quick time. Moreover Hypericum treats other symptoms like: shooting lower back or neck pain; minor numbness,  toothache, dull headache; irritation due to cuts and insect bites, and other pains. Hypericum is known to reliev low spirits, especially when they follow an injury or fright. The key requirement is that it hurts, but if it’s hot and more painful than seems fitting, that’s Hyperion.

Modalities: Worse for injuries, frights, touch, jarring and pressure. Better for lying quietly.

Relation: Hypericum may be compared to Ledum pal which is given for punctured wounds and bites of animals. Other comparisons may be done with Ruta Grav, Arnica


The Leading Characteristics of the Hypericum Perforatum (Hyper)

  1. Excessive painfulness: In crushed fingers; punctured, gunshot, lacerated, incised wounds; after operations or amputations.
  2. Preserves integrity of torn and lacerated tissues when almost entirely separated from the body.
  3. Injuries to spinal cord; concussions; pain after a fall on coccyx; lumbar puncture; convulsions after injury to head. Hypericum removes pain and their bad effects.
  4. Removes nervous depression following wounds or surgical operations.
  5. Removes pain and bad effects of rat bite; nerve injuries.
  6. Prevents tetanus after traumatic injuries.
  7. Arrests ulceration and sloughing of wounds.
  8. Removes headache after a fall on occiput, especially when the patient feels as if being lifted up high into air.
  9. Asthma from foggy weather.
  10. Piles bleeding and excessively painful.
  11. Toothache; bunions and corns when pain is excruciating due to involvement of nerves.

The Hypericum Type: Patient Profile

Head Mental anxiety of elevated states (as if elevated high up in air). Effects of shock due to injury. Melancholy. Head feels heavy and brain seems compressed. Pains in eyes and ears
Stomach Lumpy feeling in stomach with thirst; nausea. Tongue coated white at base, tip clean
Back Pain radiating up spine and down limb (due to injury). Jerking and twitching of muscles. Cramp in calves.
Nerves Neuritis, with tingling, burning pain, numbness and flossy skin. Joints feel bruised. Traumatic neuralgia
Skin Hyperihidrosis, sweating of scalp, worse in morning. eczema of hands and face, intense itching, eruption seems to be under the skin. Herpes zoster.

Hypericum perforatum St.John Wort for nerve injuries

Hypericum compared to Ledum Pal; similar homeopathic remedy

Hypericum Ledum Pal
Head patient is suffering  from anxiety, shock due to nerve injury patient is in a state of dizziness (vertigo), distress
Respiratory treats Asthma worse in foggy weather and relieved by profuse perspiration Good for Constriction of chest with cough, expectoration, difficult breathing
Skin Heals Lacerated wounds , eczema, Herpes zoster Itching of feet and ankles; worse from scratching and warmth of bed. discoloration after long injuries
Modalities Worse, in cold; dampness; in a fog; in close room; least exposure; touch. Better, bending head backward Better, from cold, putting feet in cold water. Worse, at night, and from heat of bed

Hypericum medicinal uses, benefits & side effects

Toothache Toothache. Remedy after tooth extraction when there is nerve pain. Check Allen A07 dental drops
Menstruation complaints Treats three important areas: psychological regulation during menstruation; wounds while providing protection against infections; and pain in the sexual organs as well as other parts of the body. Check Adel 31 drops
Cervical Pain A great remedy for injuries to nerves. Treats pain in nape of neck. Cervical vertebrae very sensitive to the touch. Check SBL Drops No 5
Spondylitis Pain on account of injuries to the spine, pain shoots up with local soreness when injuries are in the upper portion. Burning pain. Check Allen A48 drops
Sciatica Neuritis and tingling burning pain, numbness and glossy skin. Locally for neuralgia of leg with profuse sweating (sciatica). Check Allen A25 drops
Rheumatism Darting pain in the shoulders with pressure along ulnar side of the arm. Lancinating pain in the upper and lower limbs. Joints feel bruised. Hysterical joints. Check Allen A28 drops, Allen OrthoTone
Back pain drops Pressure over sacrum, coccydynia. Injuries of spine (fractures, sprains) with sharp, shooting pains. Check Allen A67 drops

Side effects: 

Hypericum Perforatum is likely safe when taken by mouth for up to 12 weeks and can be used safely for over one year. If taken for a long period of time it can cause some side effects in certain people such as difficulty in falling asleep, vivid dreams, nervousness, irritability. Other symptoms could be stomach upset, difficulty sitting still, tiredness, dry mouth, dizziness, headache, skin rash, diarrhea, and skin tingling. Take in the morning or take a lower the dose if it seems to be causing sleep problems in consultation with your doctor.

Hypericum Perforatum homeopathy medicines list, buy online

Hypericum Mother Tincture Q SBL
Hypericum Perf Dilution (available in 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M) SBL
Hypericum Pills Homeopathy Hypericum Perforatum 2 Dram Pills
Hypericum external Hypericum Gel for Nerve Injuries
SBL Pomade Hypericum Ointment
Hypericum 1x Tablets Schwabe Hypericum Perforatum 1x Tablets
SBL Hypericum Perforatum 1X Tablets
Hypericum Homeopathy Specialities Wheezal Calci H Tablets for Osteoporosis
SBL Arnica Act Pain relief Spray
Doliosis D45 Sciatica relief drops
Blooume 3 – Bakosan drops for backache, muscular pain, Sprain
Omeo Injury Relief Tablets
Lord Spondi Rite Drops
Healwell Hurt 200 Pills
Wheezal Spondalo Drops
SBL Pomade Cicaderma Antiseptic Ointment
Adel 31 Upelva Drops
Blooume 7 Homeo Circulaforce drops
Allen OrthoTone-Homeopathic Tablets
Allen A67 Homeopathic back pain drops
SBL AT-Tabs for Trauma and Injuries
St.George HCT No 65
Allen A28 Rheumatism Drops
Wheezal WL6 Cervical Spondylitis Drops
Allen A07 Homeopathic Dental Drops

Leading Homeopathy Medicines for Nerve Injury/Pain (Neuralgia)


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