Before and after treatment of alopecia areata in Homeopathy

before and after treatment of alopecia areata in homeopathy

Before and after treatment of alopecia areata- Image & Case Treatment Credit : Dr Souparno Bose, Kolkata India

Doctor’s message
Again a case of Alopecia Areata is almost cured by DrSouparno Bose’s Homoeopathy within 3 months.
Alopecia is ONLY curable by HOMOEOPATHY !!
Itching on the scalp, on Alopecia affected area.
After itching it causes burning on affected part.
Stool – Urging for stool compels her to wake up in the morning.
Urine – burning during & after micturition.
Thirstless patient but drinks only while eating.
Burning sensation on soles of feet after prolonged standing.
Craving for sugar, salty, fish.
Tendency to lay down on left side.
I prescribed the King 0/1 (Sulphur) twice daily for 15 days in 1st month. Hair appeared on bald area just within a month.
Sulph 0/2 for 15 days in 3rd month.
70% hair growth within 3 months.
Thanks to our Father of Homoeopathy Dr Samuel Hahnemann for his glorious contribution for the world of Homoeopathy

Top Homeopathy Medicines for Alopecia Areata Treatment – Doctor recommended

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