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Homeopathy research-Animal Study-effects of Chamomilla, Damiana & Muira puama

We present you Homeopathic study reports of contemporary importance and in this article we cover the research done on animals with respect to Chamomilla, Damiana & Muira puama.

Chamomilla - Homeopathic pharmacological activity

  1. Effect of Homeopathic Chamomilla on Central Nervous System of experimental Animals

This study was aimed to eventuate the effects of 3x, 30CH and 0/3 potencies of Chamomilla on Central Nervous System in experimental animal by using the screening methodologies known in modern psychoneuro­-pharmacology like Acto-photometer, Roto-rod apparatus, Eddy’s hot plate and maximal — electro shock method. The results were statistically processed by analysis of variance test (ANOVA) to compare the effects on treatment group and Dunnet’s t test were used to determine the effect of each treatment against control group. The results showed that Chamomilla 0/3 significantly reduced locomotor activity (movements), exhibit muscle relaxant activity than Chomomillo 3x and 30 CH

(Chamomilla 0/3 is manufactured by Schwabe India in the group of LM potency)

Reference: A.8 Rom jyothis: A Study on Effect of Matricaria chamomilla Potencies on Centrol Nervous System of Experimental Animal, Asian Journal  of Homeopathy, Vol.2 No.2(3) May 2008


 Damiana - Homeopathic Herb qualities

  1. Stimulating property of Damiana extracts on the sexual behavior of male rats

Sexually potent and sexually sluggish/impotent mole rats were treated orally with different amounts of Tumero diffuse (Damiana) and Proffitt poniculata fluid extracts-singly or in combination – improved the copulatory performance (act of penis going into the vagina) of sexually sluggish/impotent rats. The extracts also increased the percentage of rats achieving ejaculation and significantly reduced mount, intromission and ejaculation latencies, post-ejaculatory interval and intercopulotory interval. Neither extracts affected locomotor activity.

(Schwabe’s Damiaplant contains basically  Damiana. It is also available in mother tincture)

Reference: Arletti, A. Benelli, E. Cavazzuti, G. Scarperto and A. bertolini, Stimulating property of Turnera diffusa  and Pfaffia  paniculata extractson the sexual behavior of male rats, Psycho-pharmacology. Volume 143, Number 1/ march. 1999


  Muira Puama - nerve tonic, libido enhancer

  1. Effects of Muira Puama in the chronic mild stress model

Muira puorno, is regarded as o “nerve tonic”. Traditional uses include states of lassitude with noticeable lock of desire/motivation, and to manage particularly stressful (physical and/or psychological) circumstances. Suggestive of antidepressant activity, the authors hove established that o specific PO ethanol extract (POEE) significantly decreases immobility in the tail suspension and forced swimming tests. The aim of this study was to verify the effects of POEE in the unpredictable chronic mild stress (UCMS) depression model in mice, given the construct and face valves of the UCMS as on experimental model of depression and the traditional use of this species. Over 6 weeks BALB/c mice were subjected to the UCMS protocol.

The effects of POEE and imipramine were evaluated in relation to coat state, splash-test grooming, and corticosterone levels. The coot state degradation, decreased grooming and increased serum corticosterone induced by UCMS were prevented by POEE and imipramine treatments. Authors have concluded that in addition to supporting traditional claims and previously reported antidepressant properties for POEE, this study shows that POEE prevents stress-induced HPA hyperactivity.

(Muira puama is a Brozlian plant. The mother tincture is manufactured from imported herb and marketed by Schwabe India).

Reference:  Piato AL, Detanico BC. Jesus JF, thullier FL. Nunes DS. Eltsobetsky E. Effects of Muira puama in the chronic mild stress model: Further indication at ontideptessont propenies.lthhnopholmacol. 2008, July 23;118(2):300-304

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