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Hair problems

Hair Problems? Try Allen’s Arnica Plus with Triofer. Buy Online

Allen Arnica Plus with Triofer Tab is Dr.Sarkar’s result oriented comprehensive and scientific Homeopathic combination consisting of external application (Arnica Oil) and internal medication  (Tablets) to combat hair problems such as hair fall, dandruff , premature greying both externally as well as internally. Buy online at Homeomart – India’s No.1 Online homeopathy medicine store

Most common hair fall problems and benefits of Arnica Triofer

The three most common Hair problems which people face are Hair Fall, Dandruff and Premature greying. Hair is a special structure of the skin, which grows from hair follicles. The outer portion of hair is known as shaft and the inner portion is called root. Hair shaft is made of three layers where the middle portion contains pigment granules called melanin, which maintains the color of the hair. The expanded lower part of the follicle in which the root is embedded is called bulb. Hair bulb papilla is the site from which the hair grows. Each strand of hair has its own life cycle , it grows, falls and is replaced. The rate of hair growth varies from 0.12 to 0.5 mm per 24 hours. The life span of hair varies from several months to years under normal conditions. But dead skin cells, sebum(solidified scalp oil ) and harsh hair care product residues combine to form deposits that block hair follicles. The result being premature hair loss, thinning of hair and a general weakened condition.

Commonly, hair problems exist in three categories: 1) Falling Hair 2) Dandruff and 3) Premature graying.

  1. FALLING HAIR-Virtually everyone loses a small amount of hair on a daily basis. However, it is normally replaced by new growth. The major concerns produced by excessive or premature hair loss can be attributed to one or more of the following conditions: Aging, toxic effect in liver, improper nutrition, deficiency of minerals and tissue salts in the body, anemia, liver & stomach dysfunctions, negative stress, side-effects of drugs etc. Check here for Top 10 hair loss products in Homeopathy
  2. DANDRUFF-Characterized by excessive white flakes, dead scalp cells) accompanied by itching. It can be caused by a form of eczema or the presence of natural occurring fungus. Dandruff can also result from an insufficient blood supply to the scalp.
  3. PREMATURE GREYING -Although hair has a tendency to lose its natural color with aging, premature graying can be a cause for real concern and may be due to lack of melanin production at the hair root. Negative stress also inhibits vital nutrition essential for the health and pigmentation of the hair.

You may be aware that excessive hair falling, dandruff, premature thinning or graying are in most cases external manifestations of internal disorders and require properly formulated oral medication along with special external application. Arnica triofer pack acts as a inside out formula that acts as a hair tonic to stimulate hair root internally and maintain scalp health externally .  This is a scientifically developed homeopathic formulation that is immensely popular wit excellent customer reviews.

Allen's Arnica Plus with triofer tab

About Allens Arnica Triofer – Homeo Scalp & Hair Tonic

Dr. Sarkar’s unique solution to hair problems consists of the external application of ArnicaPlus lotion to stimulate and nourish hair roots, lubricate hair follicles, promote hair growth, prevent scalp dryness, help control excessive hair loss and dandruff. And specially formulated TRIOFER- oral tablet improves liver and stomach functions to eradicate the root causes of chronic hair problems like hair loss, dandruff, premature thinning or graying from within. The combined action of ArnicaPlus-Triofer presents you healthy hair without any side effect. The regular use of Allen’s Arnica Montana Hair Oil is essential for healthy scalp and lustrous hair. ArnicaPlus-S Anti-Dandruff Scalp Cleanser on the other hand keeps your scalp clean and dandruff-free, thereby making the external application of medication effective.

 Arnica Plus & Triofer Poster

Composition  :

ArnicaPlus Hair Root Vitalizer (oil) contains : Arnica mont- Q, Aloe soc-Q, Amloki- Q, Haritaki,  Nicotinum Q, Nyctanthes arb, Resorcin, Jaborand Q, Thea chin Q, Glycerin and Alcohol -12% v/v.

Triofer Tablet  contains : Lycopodium clavatum 30, Cinchona officinalis 30, Carbo veg  3x, Ferrum met 3x, Five phos – 6x.

Action of individual ingredients in Arinca plus with triofer to arrest hair fall problems

  • Arnica: It has repute for years as a means of stopping the falling of the hair. It produces an extraordinary growth of hair when used locally
  • Aloe Soc: this is a natural remedy for skin eruptions, it contains any over activity of seborrhic glands that causes accumulation in hair follicles leading to hair fall
  • Haritaki: derived from seeds of Terminalia Chebula tree, is an important constituent of Triphala and famed in ayurveda to promote hair growth.
  • Nyctanthes arbor-tristis: is one of the most useful traditional medicinal plants and contains acids that are reported for significant hair tonic
  • Jaborandi: it has a favorable influence in cases of alopecia. If continued over a prolonged period it restores the original colour of grey hair
  • Lycopodium: Hair falls out, first on the vertex, later on the temples, especially after diseases of the abdominal viscera and parturition, with hair turning grey early. Alopecia with violent burning, scalding, itching of the scalp.
  • Cinchona officinalis:  is prescribed by doctors for hair loss that is accompanied with anemia. Hair stylists use cinchona water for rinsing to add more luster and thickness and protect hair from many adverse factors in the environment
  • Carbo Vegetabilis : Hair falls after illness after pregnancy (Lachesis and Sepia). Alopecia from general weakened condition.
  • Ferrum Met: great remedy for scalp weakness, brittle and soft hair due to anemia
  • Five Phos: acts as a tonic in acute and chronic illness. Useful in restoring strength by increasing haemoglobin and also useful in bodily development. t promotes tissues building and provide the necessary nutrition to nerves, brain and bones. It is considered an excellent tonic for all anemia, general debility,chronically wasting diseases, Women weakened by frequent child bearing, general exhaustion with lack of vitality in all people.A original tissue tonic recommended for all age groups which can be taken regularly for over all good health

Indication : Combined action of ArnicaPlus and Triofer arrests excessive falling of hair, prevents premature hair graying, removes dandruff, Vitalizes hair roots, promotes new growth of healthy hair, adds longevity to hair. Triofer cures liver and stomach troubles, corrects constipation & anaemia, supply mineral and tissue salts, thus removes root causes of hair problems.

Dosage & Direction : Adult: One Triofer tablet with lukewarm water twice daily in empty stomach in the morning and at bedtime. Massage 30-35 drops of Arnica Plus gently to hair roots after bath and at bedtime.

PACKING : 100 ml + 50 tabs

TIPS to address hair Problems with Arnica Triofer

Apply ArnicaPlus Homoeo Hair Root Vitalizer on the scalp after bath and while going to bed, massage gently so as to stimulate and nourish hair roots from outside.

Take TRIOFER oral tablet in empty stomach in the morning and at bed time with a glass of luke-warm water to eradicate the root causes of chronic hair problems from within. It improves liver 8: stomach functions, provides essential tissue remedies, salts and minerals. It is safe, effective & non-toxic.

Caress your hair daily with Allen’s Arinca Montana Hair Oil and massage gently to the scalp after use of ArnicaPlus Lotion or as and when required for your healthy scalp and lustrous hair. It is ideal for all types of hair.

Cleanse your scalp at least twice in a week with ArnicaPlus-S Anti-Dandruff Scalp Cleanser. Apply on wet scalp and hair, massage gently to lather, leave for 2-3 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Repeat, if required.

Sustained stress results in extraordinary tension of the scalp which in turn suppresses normal circulation. Stress also inhibits vital nutrition essential for the pigmentation of the hair. So try and avoid stress.

  • Have a good night’s sleep and don’t get stressed if you feel you are not getting enough sleep.
  • Drink 1-2 glasses of water daily in empty stomach and at bed time.
  • Take adequate rest and have a head and body massage, at least for 5-10 minutes daily.
  • Avoid rich spicy food and maintain a balanced diet.
  • In case of any chronic illness like hormonal disorders, diabetes etc, and individual treatment is mandatory according to the advice of a doctor.

Size – Contains 100ML Oil, 50 Tablet Strip


Other twin pack hair loss treatment in homeopathy similar to Allen Triofer

The internal medication checks dandruff, premature greying of hair & split ends. The external preparation conditions scalp & hair and also nourishes hair roots. Internal preparation Contains: (Acid Phos 6x, Lycopodium 3x, Jaborandi 2x, Natrum Mur 3x), External preparation contains (Cinchona Off Q, Arnica Montana Q, Jaborandi Q & Cantharis Q) Baksons Hair Aid Drops (perfect hair tonic), 30ml Twin Pack
This  is a double action homeopathic hair fall solution consisting of internal drops & external application. Its 2 fold action stimulate sebaceous glands which open into hair follicles and acts upon its weakness or pigment loss. External Use Contains: China Ext. Q,  Arnica Ext. Q,  Jaborandi Ext. Q,  Cantharis Ext. Q,  Brahmi Ext Q. Internal (oral) drops contains  Acid. Phos. 3x,
Lycopodium 3x, Ars. Alb. 6x, Wiesbaden 3x, Kali Sulph 3x.
Wheezal Haigro Drops for Hairfall, Bald Spots, Grey Hair. Twin Pack 30 ML double action

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