Adel 3 homeopathy drops for symptoms of jaundice
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Homeopathic Medicines for symptoms of Liver disease, Fatty liver

Adel 3 apo-HEPAT drops for symptoms of liver disease

Adel 3 homeopathy drops for symptoms of jaundice

Liver diseases can be caused by virus or can be result of poisons, drugs or consumption of alcohol. Jaundice is one of the common type of liver diseases. The causes of liver and gallbladder diseases are alcohol, diabetes, obesity, high salt intake, infections, smoking, illness etc. Diseases that affects the immune system can affect the liver too.Symptoms of liver disease such as  pain and swelling of abdomen, swollen legs and ankles, itchy skin, fatigue, dark colored urine, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite etc. are the result of hepatic disorders. Liver is the largest organ inside the body that stores energy, digest food and removes poisons. Functions of liver include protein synthesis, detoxification processes, biochemical productions needed for digestion etc.

Gallbladder stores the bile that is produced by liver and is further passed to the small intestine. Majority of diseases of gallbladder are due to the inflammation caused by the irritation to wall of gallbladder. Symptoms of gall bladder diseases include severe pain in abdomen, cramps, chest. indigestion, heartburn, fever, nausea, vomiting etc. Causes include hyperthyroidism, weight loss, overweight, lack of exercise, constipation, alcohol, diabetes etc.

Adel 3 apo-HEPAT drops is homeopathic medicine to treat symptoms of liver disease and gall bladder diseases through a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs (available in drops). It has key Ingredients like chioanthus virginica, cynara scolymus etc that act on general liver diseases, gall bladder problems and jaundice. It is also indicated to detoxify and treat liver, pancreas and gall bladder. It aids in excretion of liver toxins and eliminate liver portal bloackages. This medicine increases the secretions of liver and gall bladder, stimulates circulation and improves lymphatic system.

Other similar Homeopathic products for symptoms of Liver disease are Schwabe’s alpha-liv, Dr.Reckeweg’s R 31Heptasan (Blooume 19)



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