Buy Dr.Reckeweg R36 drops for Nervous diseases, Convulsions, Fits

Dr. Reckeweg R36 drops for Diseases of the nerves, chorea, St. Vitus' dance. Homeopathic medicine for nervous disorders, Chorea minor

Reckeweg R36 drops is a detoxifying homeopathic medication with a moderate action and a homeopathic basis to treat nervous diseases especially over sensitivity in children, nervous irritation, convulsions, brain disorder characterized by rapid, uncoordinated jerking movements primarily affecting the face, hands and feet (St. Vitus’dance)

Dr.Reckeweg R36 drops is a German specialty homeopathy medicine also known by the name of Choresan

Introduction The signs and symptoms of disorders of nervous system includes headaches, tingling sensation, weakness, memory loss, loss of sight, mental disability, muscle rigidity, back pain etc. Nervous system regulates breathing, control muscles and senses the heat and cold. Basically human body is made up of three types of nerves. They are autonomic, motor and sensory nerves. Nervous system is susceptible to various disorders that can be damaged due to infections, trauma, diabetes, degeneration, nutritional deficiencies, structural defects, tumors, autoimmune diseases and disrupted blood flow. The damage in nervous system can affect brain and spinal cord. Symptoms of autonomic nerves damage are dry eyes, excess sweating, constipation, weakness paralysis etc. Symptoms of sensory nerve damage are pain, numbness, sensitivity, tingling sensation etc.

About Dr.Reckeweg R36 drops is indicated to treat disorders of nervous system and works on it through a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs (available in drops). It has key ingredients like agaricus, ignatia etc that acts on over sensitivity in nervous system, nervous diseases and St. Vitus dance (disorder characterized by rapid, uncoordinated jerking movements). Check out Dr. Reckeweg R36 drops in Hindi language here

R36 Indicated for following medical conditions Chorea minor

INGREDIENTS: Dr.Reckeweg R 36 drops for disorders of nervous system contains: Agaricus D12, Ignatia D12, Lachesis D30, Magnes Phosphoric D12, Phosphorus D30, Zincum Valerianic D8.

How the ingredients in Dr.Reckeweg R 36 drops work? The key properties in Dr.Reckeweg R36 drops are derived from the following ingredients to treat disorders of nervous system
Agaricus – treats convulsions (fits) of muscles and the nervous twitches (sudden jerking).
Ignatia – treats nervous irritation and restless sleep.
Lachesis – treats disorders of nervous system like nervous irritation and restless sleep.
Magnes. phos. – it treats cramps and irritation of spinal marrow.
Zincum valerianic – treats legs restlessness, convulsions and nervous twitches.

Why is R36 considered safe & effective?
The effectiveness of Dr.Reckeweg remedies lies in the carefully selected ingredients in accordance with the principles of homeopathy. These are pure and pass the pharmacopoeia monographs for various parameters to meet the intended desired biochemical action and achieve therapeutic results. Antidote has been avoided since this is achieved by the compensating effects of its balanced composition. The application of Dr.Reckeweg biological remedies is not a one sided principles but an attempt to awaken the healing forces in the organism. This is important in the recovery process especially in chronic cases

DOSAGE: According to the degree of gravity 2 to 3 times daily 5 to 8 to 10 to 15 drops of Dr.Reckeweg R36 in a little water. In acute cases, with frequent fits and continual convulsions, every 1 to 2 hours, eventually in alternation with the remedies below. In acute cases of fits the medicine can be taken every five minutes (possibly in alternation) with other products.Stimulants of all kinds are to be avoided, especially alcohol and tea.

Complimentary Remedies with R36: R33 (epilepsy), R14(Nerve drops), and R22(irritation of blood vessels)

SIZE: 22ML sealed Bottle

General Indications for Dr.Reckeweg R 36 drops
The self-healing powers of the body during an illness are triggered by the biological homeopathic specialties of Dr. Reckeweg and Co.Gmbh, Bensheim, which acts as a specific stimulus in treatment.
The pharmaceutical properties of each of the individual ingredients complement one another in their effect on the individual symptoms and illness (stage)

The indicated quantity of Dr.Reckeweg R36 drops should be taken before meals with some water unless otherwise prescribed by doctor. Medicines indicated for external use should be applied to the affected area and gently rubbed until absorbed by skin.

Contra Indication for Dr.Reckeweg R 36 drops
The medication (Dr.Reckeweg R36 drops) should not be taken if patient develops any hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients
Generally medications should not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding unless prescribed by a doctor
Pls keep medications out of reach from children.
Homeopathic medications should be kept out of direct light and stored at a constant temperature, not over 30 degree Centigrade (86 degree F)
This being a natural product, it may sometime precipitate slightly or become cloudy, but this does not affect the quality and effectiveness of the product. If this happens, shake the product well before using.
Once you break open the seal, medications should be used up quickly.

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12 thoughts on “Buy Dr.Reckeweg R36 drops for Nervous diseases, Convulsions, Fits”

  1. My daughter is diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy can she benefit from R36 droops? She is on antiviral pills and steroids med.
    can we also give her r36 with steroids and antiviral ? Thanks!

    1. Bell palsy (a type of facial nerve palsy) is sudden weakness or paralysis of muscles on one side of the face due to malfunction of the 7th cranial nerve (facial nerve). It occurs when t he function of the facial nerve is disrupted. It can occur when the nerve that controls your facial muscles becomes inflamed, swollen, or compressed causing twitching, weakness, or total loss of the ability to move one or rarely both sides of the face. R36 is a homeopathic medicine for the disease of the nerves and could cover this ailment too, since it has no known interaction with other medicines, it may be given as per indicated dosage under consultation of a homeopath

    1. This medicines is not contra-indicated for any conditions including liver or Diabetes. We advise you to consult a doctor and take it

    1. You might be facing numbness in toe that is caused by direct compression of the nerves of the foot due to footwear from shoes. Other causes of Numbness in foot is because of nerve damage (neuropathy), injury to the foot, and poor circulation to the foot (such as with diabetes and peripheral vascular disease). R36 is definitely helpful, also recommended Hypericum Gel for external application

  2. I am suffering fr Tremors in the body. Mostly in hands. While in pressure, hands tremors vigourously & then I can’t hold things & can’t write also. Can R,36 will be helpful to me. pl inform

    1. Shaky hands are commonly referred to as a hand tremor and is common of all involuntary movements. This could be a symptom of a neurological disorder or as a side effect of certain drugs. Alcoholism that is excessive alcohol consumption, or alcohol withdrawal can kill certain nerve cells, resulting in tremor, especially in the hand. A doctor will do physical check for tremor symmetry, weakness or muscle atrophy, any sensory loss or decreased reflexes. Case taking will may indicate if the tremor is inherited based on family history. Blood or urine tests can detect thyroid malfunction, other metabolic causes, and abnormal levels of certain chemicals that can cause tremor. Therefore you need to consult a doctor in the matter

    1. It is a progressive brain disorder that causes uncontrolled movements, emotional problems, and loss of thinking ability (cognition). No cure exists, but drugs, physiotherapy and talk therapy can help manage some symptoms. Ginkgo Biloba 1X tablets on regular basis will help.

  3. Can I give my 7 yrs old son R36.He hurt himself fro. gas cylinder on forehead in the age of 1nd half yr.He suffered from slight bell’palsy 3 yes back but the CT scan is normal.He has some problem of nerve I m giving him Bakson’s B drop 45 which suited him well ,now I read about Dr Rekweg R 36.I think it s better.Homeopathy suits him miraculously.Thanks

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