Hypericum Gel for Nerve Injuries – Tingling, Numbness, pricking

Homeopathic Hypericum Gel for Nerve Injuries - Tingling, Numbness

Hypericum Gel provides external relief from Nerve Pain and Nerve Injuries that causes symptoms of Pain, Sensitivity, Numbness, Tingling or prickling. Burning or Problems with positional awareness

Nerve pain or Neuralgia is pain that is caused by damage or disease that affects the nervous system of the body. It is also known as neuropathic pain or neuralgia. Nerve pain is a pain that comes from problems with signals from the nerves. It is different to the common type of pain that is due to an injury. Nerve pain symptom is typically a stabbing pain in the middle of the night. For others, symptoms can include a chronic prickling, tingling, or burning they feel all day. Uncontrolled nerve pain can be hard to bear. But with treatment, it can often be adequately controlled. Nerve pain can be a symptom of many different conditions – like cancer, HIV, diabetes, and shingles. Topical treatments include Some over-the-counter and prescription topical treatments – like creams, lotions, gels, and patches can ease nerve pain, Anticonvulsants, Antidepressants, Painkillers, Electrical stimulation, lifestyle changes etc.

Uncontrolled nerve pain due to injuries can be hard to bear, it could be a stabbing pain in the middle of the night or a chronic tingling, prickling, or burning they feel all day. It also causes numbness as some nerves only transmit sensation, so a nerve injury to these nerves would cause the part to loose sensation. People with neuropathic pain take topical painkillers medicines like many over-the-counter creams and ointments as well as oral painkillers like acetaminophen, aspirin, and ibuprofen etc

The goal of nerve pain treatment is to return function to the damaged nerve and to improve the quality of life of patients. A first degree injury or neurapraxia will recover quickly within days after the injury or it may take up to 3 months

Materia Medica references to Hypericum (St. John’s-wort)

The great remedy for injuries to nerves, especially of fingers, toes and nails. Crushed fingers, especially tips. Excessive painfulness is a guiding symptom to its use. Prevents lockjaw. PUNCTURED wounds. Relieves pain after operations. Quite supersedes the use of Morphia after operations (Helmuth). Spasms after every injury. Has an important action on the rectum; haemorrhoids. COCCYDYNIA. Spasmodic asthmatic attacks with changes of weather or before storms, better by copious expectoration. Injured nerves from bites of animals. Tetanus. Neuritis, tingling, burning and numbness. Constant drowsiness.

Punctured, incised or lacerated wounds; sore, painful (Led. — contused wounds, Arn., Ham.), especially if of long duration. Preserves integrity of torn and lacerated members when almost entirely separated from body (Calend.). Injuries: from treading on nails, needles, pins, splinters (Led.); from rat-bites; PREVENTS LOCKJAW. Injury to parts rich in sentient nerves—fingers, toes, matrices of nails, palms or soles—where the intolerable pain shows nerves are severely involved; of tissues of animal life, as hands and feet.

About Vashisht Hypericum Gel
• Homeopathic Nerve Pain relief contains Hypericum which is an excellent Homeo Nerve Healer
• Comes in a quick absorbing gel form.
• Fast relief from tingling, pricking pain.
• Free from side effects, contra indications, artificial flavours, colours and chemical preservatives.
• Apply the Gel in numb areas 2-3 times a day for relief from nerve injuries
• Free of any chemical preservatives.

Product Description
Nerve Pain due to injuries can cause tinglink sensation with pain, pricking, sensitivity and positional awareness. This is because peripheral nerves are located throughout the rest of your body. Hypericum is an excellent nerve remedy and this product is made available in pure gel form for excellent absorption and fast relief

Key Benefits
• One of its kind remedy in India, 100% natural ointments manufactured as per HPI, GMP standards
• Formulated by Doctor Vashisht, with over 25 years of history in manufacturing quality medicines from Hyderabad

Vashisht Hypericum Gel Application: Apply the Gel in numb areas 2-3 times a day for relief from nerve injuries

Vashisht Hypericum Gel Presentation: 50gm

Manufacturer: Vashisth Homoeopathic Pharmaceuticals

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