Whooping Cough Treatment at Home. Homeopathy Remedies

whooping cough treatment in homeopathy

Paroxysm means a sudden violent burst which occurs in whooping cough. It may come and go in fits, patients gasps for breath, holds his chest in pain. Drosera Rot, a homeopathy medicine made from a carnivorous plant is a prime natural remedy for paroxysmal or whooping cough treatment

Whooping cough in hindi – काली खांसी | कुत्ता खांसी | कुक्कुर खांसी का सबसे अच्छा इलाज

How do you treat whooping cough naturally?
You can treat whooping cough at home with natural homeopathy remedies that are made from plant and mineral souces. Homeopathic medicine like Drosera 30 is almost a specific remedy for whooping cough. Patient has Spells of hacking followed by vomiting if the mucus does not come up. Situation is worse after midnigh and drosera helps stop whooping cough at night

What is the fastest way to recover from whooping cough?
A homeopathic remedy like pertussin 200 if given in early stages may cure or cut short the disease as per Dr Gopi, a homeopath. There are other specific remedies which if matched correctly with patient symptoms can help recover quickly. For example convulsive cough with flow of warm water from the mouth (Ambra Grisea 200), voilent cough with loss of breath and change in face colour (corallium Rubrum 200). So homeopathic intervention can help mitigate the severity or length of time it takes to recover from the illness and do so in a safe , side effect free way

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