Wheezal WL 43 Homeopathic Osteoporosis

Wheezal WL 43 Homeopathic Osteoporosis Drops

Wheezal WL 43 Osteoporosis is a homeopathic remedy for strengthening bones without side effects.

Introduction: Porosity of bones occurs most commonly in old people, due to disease of bones or while the patient is in bed for a prolonged period or due to loss of bone tissue following trauma. Bone density may also decrease due to secondary diseases also.

Wheezal WL 43 Osteoporosis contains homeopathic ingredients like Fluoricum Acid., Calcarea fluor., Asafoetida, Ruta., Cortisone., Phos. Acid., Silicea, Calcarea Phos. for effective recalcification without side effects

Ingredients/Composition: Wheezal WL 43 Homeopathic Osteoporosis contains:
• Fluoricum Acid.,
• Calcarea fluor.,
• Asafoetida.,
• Calcarea Phos.,
• Ruta., Cortisone.,
• Phos. Acid.,
• Silicea.

Dosage: Ten to fifteen drops of Wheezal Wl 43 Osteoporosis in 2 sips of water before every meal four to six times daily as prescribed by the Physician

Size: 30ml

Manufacturer: Wheezal Homoeo Pharma

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