Wheezal WL 34 Homeopathic Stomach drops

Wheezal WL 34 Homeopathic Stomach drops

Wheezal WL 34 Stomach drops serves as a homeopathic spasmolytic and calming drops.

Introduction: Gastritis is an inflammation of the lining of stomach and has many possible causes. Gastritis can be caused by alcoholism, prolonged used of anti inflammatory drugs or infection with pylorus, major surgery. It presents itself with abdominal pain and bloating, belching and dyspepsia.

Wheezal WL 34 Stomach drops contains homeopathic ingredients like Chamomilla., Anacardium Ori., Gentiana Lutea.,Carbo veg., ChelidoniumMaj., Lycopodium, Artopinum sulph. for treating gastrities and associated gastric problems

Ingredients/Composition: Wheezal WL 34 Homeopathic Stomach drops Contains: Carbo veg., ChelidoniumMaj., Chamomilla., Anacardium Ori., Gentiana Lutea., Lycopodium, Artopinum sulph.

Dosage: Ten to fifteen drops of Wheezal Wl 34 Stomach Drops in 2 sips of water before every meal four to six times daily as prescribed by the Physician

Presentation: 30ml

Manufacturer: Wheezal Homoeo Pharma

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