Vashisht Fucus Vesiculosus 1X Mother Tincture Tablets, Buy Online

Vashisht Fucus Vesiculosus 1X Mother Tincture Tablets

About the Fucus Vesiculosus 1X Mother Tincture Tablets:
• Fucus Vesiculosus 1x Tablets is a Homeopathic remedy for obesity and non toxic goiter. Addresses thyroid enlargement in fat people.
• Contains iodine that acts as a thyroid stimulant, also exopthalmic. Covered in the Indian & german Homeopathic pharmacopoeias
• Is traditionally used for fat reduction (slimming effect), Goiter, Improves digestion, reduces flatulence, constipation. Also used in rheumatism
• Daily intake of two tablets twice a day for weight reduction
• 100Tablets packed in a single bottle
• Free from side effects, contra indications, artificial flavours, colours and chemical preservatives
• Recommended and trusted by homeopaths

Product Description
This homeopathic single remedy is prepared from Pure Homeopathic Mother Tincture for addressing obesity, non toxic goiter and thyroid disorders. You get the concentrated effect of Homeopathic mother tinctures in tablets form. This does away with problems like evaporation, leak/spillage etc You have always known how good Homeopathic mother tinctures are to be, now Dr. Vashisht brings the best of mother tinctures in convenient tablets form, manufactured under strict quality control, ensuring strongest value of each mother tincture in pure imported HMS brand lactose based tablets.

Key Benefits
One of its kind remedy in India, made from Homeopathic Mother Tincture as per HPI, GMP standards
Easily absorbed and digested

Vashisht Fucus Vesiculosus 1X Mother Tincture Tablets Contains
• Fucus Vesiculosus 1X

Dosage: Adults- 2 Tablets 3 times a day or as directed by your homoeopathic physician

Manufacturer: Vashisth Homoeopathic Pharmaceuticals

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2 thoughts on “Vashisht Fucus Vesiculosus 1X Mother Tincture Tablets, Buy Online”

  1. Good morning, can I take Fucus Vesiculosus 1X for my non toxic multinodular goiter even though I am not obese?

    1. Fucus Vesiculosis or Bladder wrack – the charcoal of this plant has long had the reputation of deobstruent and given in goiter and scrufulous swelling. As per Materia Medica it is wee indicated for obesity and non toxic goiter, also expothalmic

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