Urinary Infection, UTI Treatment without Antibiotics. Natural Remedies

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Most Urinary tract Infections or UTIs can be cured without antibiotic intervention. You can make the Bladder infection symptoms go away within 24 to 48 hours after treating it with the right natural remedies some of which are listed below. Even If you have a kidney infection, it may take a lightly longer duration for symptoms to go away

Reasons why to avoid antibiotics? Antibiotics are no doubt effective in the treatment for Urinary tract Infections or UTIs. However they can cause minor side effects and in the long run may lead to lower body immunity and may cause repeat infection due to antibiotic resistance. As per the principles of homeopathy,the body has its own innate healing mechanisms that can often resolve minor, uncomplicated UTIs on its own without the help of antibiotics. Using Similia priciples and through repertorizations, a homeopathy can identify the right remedy for you . As per estimates, upto 40% of uncomplicated UTI infections clear on their own without antibiotic intervention. In such cases, homeopathy remedies offer a speedier way to recovery

However that does not mean you treat a serious medical conditions on your own. Because in the worst case scenario the infection from an untreated Urinary tract Infections can eventually spread through the body, affecting other body organs and become deadly. Consulting a doctor is always advised.

Herbal remedies that are very useful in treating Urinary tract Infections (UTI)?
1. Sarsaparilla Officinalis: This is a derived from a plant called smilax medica, roots of this perinneal shrub from tropical regions is used in preparing medicine. It is indicated for pain in the urethra is most marked when a person is almost done with passing urine in UTI

2. Pareira Brava is a excellent renal colic herbal remedy derived from the play chondrodendron tomentosum. Indicated for constant urging to urinate , great straining. Urine is black, bloody with thick mucous
3. Uva Ursi also known as bearberry is derived from a shrub called Arctostaphylos . It contains arbutin, beta carotene and is highly regarded fron urinary tract infections. Uva ursi is effective for UTI when the urine contains more blood and pus.

Urinary tract Infections (UTI) remedies that come from animal sources
1. Cantharis is one of the top remedies for UTI. It is derived from a substance derived from the blister beetle Cantharis vesicatoria. It is a traditional Chinese ancient medicine for thousands of years for a number of maladies. This medicine can also be used in treating cases where there is recurrence of UTI , which means that people suffer from repeated attacks of these infection. The key symptoms to look out for while prescribing Cantharis Vesicatoria are intense burning before, during or after urination.

2. Apis Mel is another top remedy for UTI that is derived from Honeybee. The medicinal properties and benefits of ApisMel is recognized by FDA.The person prescribed Apis Mellifica will complain of burning or stinging pain while passing urine, especially where the last drops of urine cause intense burning

Both Cantharis Vesicatoria and Apis Mellifica are also considered the most useful in UTI cases where bladder tenesmus (feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder following urination) is marked and where blood appears in the urine. Scanty urine or dribbling urine due to UTI is also best treated with Cantharis Vesicatoria and Apis Mellifica.

3. Colibacillinum medicine is prepared from a Nosode, as it is prepared from the strains of the bacteria E.Coli. This is the best medicine for urinary tract infection that tests positive for Escherichia coli bacteria

Urinary tract Infections (UTI) remedies that come from mineral sources
1. Mercurius Corrosivus is a mineral derivative of Mercury bichloride. Useful where urine is scanty and most often the patient passes dark flesh like pieces of mucus in the urine. Patient experiences a lot of sweating immediately after passing urine.

2. Sulphur 200 is a non-metal mineral drug found near hot springs and volcanic regions in many parts of the world. It is suitable in suitable in chronic cases of Urinary tract Infections or UTIs

3. Nitric Acid is made from reaction of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) with water. This is a effective medicine for urinary tract infection where the major symptoms include burning while passing urine that is highly offensive. It is considered antisyphilitic

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