Top Sinus Headache Medicines in Homeopathy

best over the counter sinus headache medicines

Congestive headache or Sinus headache can last up to two weeks or more with a stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, coughing, headaches and body aches. There is a throbbing pain with pressure around your eyes, cheeks and forehead.

Sinus headache Vs Migraine. Know the difference
While both snius headache and migraine have similar characteristics like pain and some symptoms, they differ in many other aspects
Common symptoms between the two: nasal congestion, nasal discharge, facial pain
1. sinus headache is not attended with nausea / vomiting which is present in migraine.
2. Worsening of headache from noise and bright light is also a feature of migraine and not sinus headache
3. The duration of sinus headache is for many days together but migraines mostly last few hours or for one or two days

How do you stop sinus headaches with homeopathic medicine?
Sinus headaches can be subsided quickly with homeopathy medicine like Usnea Barbata that may be taken internally and also inhaled using a cotton swab with few drops in it. It calms agitated sinuses that may be causing splitting headaches (around temples), with pressure on cheeks, forehead and eyes (popping out feeling). Dr Kirti recommends taking Usnea Barbata Mother Tincture 10 drops with 1/4 cup of water at every once or twice at half an hour intervals until it subsides.

What is the main cause of sinus headaches and remedies?
When you go out into the open air, mucus can build up in your sinuses due to cold weather, pollens or airborne allergens. This causes your frontal and maxillary sinusitis to get irritated and inflamed. Belladonna in homeopathy is useful if face is red with warmth, and frontal headache is marked with jaw pain. if nasal discharge is watery and sneezing prominent Natrum Mur is recommended. If there is pain in maxillary sinus (located in cheeks), nasal stoppage and thick nasal discharge then Pulsatilla is recommended. If cold air exposure worsens headache and wrapping up your head warmly gives relief, take silicea

Does high blood pressure cause sinus headaches?
Yes, Secondary headaches can arise from an underlying medical condition like hypertension or high blood pressure. Glonoinum is a medicine of choice for high blood pressure accompanied by headaches. The headache feels intense, congestive, throbbing, and bursting in nature.Natrum Mur may also relieve the headaches due to high blood pressure.

Allergy and sinus headache medicines
Respiratory allergy can cause swelling in the nose and sinuses and the drainage to get blocked. If there is nasal discharge, headache and cough Allium Cepa is recommended. Nux vomica for soreness in nostrils with headache, Pulsatilla for frontal headache and nasal blockage, Belladonna for tickling and burning sensation in the throat with headache

Sinus headache treatment, what doctors recommend?
In Homeopathic form of treatment, Sinus headache medicine is specific to patient and his symptom profile
Kali Bichrome – For Headache, Nasal Blockage, Nasal Discharge, Post Nasal Discharge
Silicea – For Pain in Forehead and Nasal Discharge
Hepar Sulph – When There is Pain at Root of The Nose
Natrum Mur – For Heaviness / Pain in Forehead with Sneezing, Nasal Discharge
Hydrastis – For Frontal Headache
Pulsatilla – For Pain in Maxillary Sinus (Cheek), Nasal Stuffiness and Thick Nasal Discharge
Merc Sol – For Inflamed Frontal and Maxillary Sinus with Headache and Fluent Nasal Discharge
Sticta – For Pain in Forehead and Root of Nose, with Stuffy Nose
Bryonia – For Pain, Heaviness in Forehead Worsening from Stooping
Kali Iodatum – For Pain Over Eyes and Watery Nasal Discharge
Gelsemium – For Pain Over Eyes and Back of Head

Best medicine for sinus headache and ear pressure
The pain in maxillary sinus can be tearing in nature that may extend into the ear. Homeopathy Spigelia 30 is good for Earache due to pressure in ears from collection of sinus fluid (sinus congestion and stuffiness). Ammonium Carbonica and Sticta are best decongestants to unclog ears and relieve this pressure. If congestion is severe with post nasal drip or discharge, Kali Bichromicum, Corallium and Hydrastis is recommended

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