Top Bed Sores Treatment Medicines

Top Bed Sores Treatment Medicines

Being immobilized and staying in bed or wheelchair for a long time can cause pressure sores or bedsores. Both external and internal intervention is prescribed by a homeopath, get top Bed Sores Treatment Medicines

treatment for bed sores on buttocks : Arnica is the best natural medicine for treating bed Sores on buttocks when the skin turns bluish or blackish in appearance. The colour changes are due to marked stasis of blood because of the constant pressure on the affected part. The patient complains of bruised and sore feeling in the affected part and feels as if the bed is too hard to lie on

bed sore treatment powder: Wheezal dressing powder is a excellent healer and comes with goodness of Calendula, Cantharis, Arnica Mont. Acidum boricum, Zincum Oxidatum. It accelerates cicatrization and granulation (process of contraction of fibrous tissue formed at a wound site by fibroblasts, reducing the size of the wound while distorting tissue).

bed sore ointment: Schwabe Topi Heal ointment is composed of three proven homoeopathic medicines: Echinacea, Calendula and Millefolium. They are widely used as medicinal plants in traditional and folk medicines. They are also used in homoeopathy for their wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties as external treatment in various skin conditions. The combination is effective for the treatment of wounds, skin ulcers, bed sores.

What doctors recommend for Bed Sore Treatment?

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