Stramonium, Lac Caninum, Bovista: Homeopathic Medicines for stammering

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Why Homeopathy Medicines for Stammering?
Homoeopathic remedies works well in stammering and have produced good results in a wide variety of cases across age groups. Since the portfolio of stammering medicines in homeopathy is large, the appropriate medicine is selected on individual study. Parents of stammering children prefer Homoeopathic medicines because tey are natural and safe, having no side effects. The range of natural medicines highlighted by doctors below are highly effective in bringing about good recovery in stammering cases

Dr. K.S Gopi recommends for stammering
Dr. K S Gopi is a former Professor, Govt. Homeopathic medical college, Kozhikode, Kerala, India. He has got four decades of teaching and research experiences in the field of Homoeopathy

  • Stramonium 200 is one of the top remedies for stammering. Patient exerts or strains for a long time before a word is uttered, there may be also facial contortions. Hyoscyamus 200 is tried when Stramonium fails.
  • Causticum 200 is useful for stammering from paralytic condition of tongue, with hoarseness , chronic clearing of the throat, mental or emotiona excitement
  • Calcarea Carb 1M for fat , flabby persons with large, heavy and hard palate. They stammer with tongue
  • Lachesis 200 for stammering over certain specific letters while speaking
  • Lycopodium Clav 200 is most effective for stammering when a person stammers while speaking out the last words of a sentence

Dr.Kirti Vikram Singh recommends for stammering

(Hindi) Namashkar dosto mere youtube video me maine aap ko stammering (haklahat) ke baare me jaankari di hai or uski homeopathic medicine batayi hai.

Homeopathic medicine are 1:stramonium 30 2 drops 3 times a day 2: kali phos 6x 4 tab 3 times a day 3: Hyoscyamus 30 2 drops 3 times a day

Dr. Vikas Sharma rates Causticum, Lac Caninum and Staphysagria among the best Homeopathy medicines for stammering. Causticum is well indicated in cases when a person is mentally or emotionally excited and starts stammering. Lac Caninum is most appropriate for stammering due to talking fast (quick speech) . Staphysagria has shown remarkable results in cases where stammering appears while talking to strangers

Dr.Rawat Choudharyrecommends for Stammering & Lisp
Commonly used medicines in the treatment of Stammering are: Stramonium 30, Hyoscyamus 30. Take both medicines together, (4 drops directly on tongue or globules, twice daily) and for Lisp(speech impediment in which a person misarticulates sibilants) Stramonium 30 and Bovista 30. Take both medicines together, (4 drops directly on tongue or globules, twice daily)

Dr. Saumya Srivastava recommends for stammering
STRAMONIUM 30CH – Take 2-3 drop directly on tongue TDS DAILY
LACHESIS 30CH -Take 2-3drop directly on tongue TDS DAILY
SPIGELIA 30CH -Take 2-3 drop directly on tongue TDS DAILY
HYOSCYAMUS 30CH – Take 2-3 drop directly on tongue TDS DAILY
LAC CANINUM 30CH – Take 2-3 drop directly on tongue TDS DAILY
Kali phos 6x – Take 4 tablet 4 time a day.
(TDS – thrice daily)

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