Buy Allens Stimulas. Nervine Tonic for erectile dysfunction in men

Allens Stimulas - Nervine Tonic for men, erectile dysfunction (ED) medicine

Allen Stimulas drops reestablishes your lost vigor and vitality and is a homeopathic remedy to maintain sex characteristics in adult men. It addresses symptoms due to diminishing levels of androgens in middle and old aged men, Infertility due to defective spermatogenesis, osteporosis and refractory anemia.

About: Address health problems like erectile dysfunction (ED) the homeopathic way with Allens stimulas drops. Men suffering from Erectile problems needs to be treated effectively & quickly as it is a sensitive area that can impact their confidence and mental well being. Erectile dysfunction is known to completely ruin a man’s sexual life and break down relationships. For men suffering from ED, sex is no longer a enjoyable experience but something they dread for fear of humiliation in front of their partner. If you are having ED, chances are that factors like diabetes, heart problems, kidney diseases, bladder issues, psychological disorder, stress, anxiety, depression, lifestyle disorders like obesity, smoking or certain drugs like anti-hypertensive, antihistamines, tranquilizers could be responsible for it. Whatever the reason, Homeopathy has some effective and credible answers that really works on ED and Stimulas is one of them. These drops are a balanced formulation of some of the most potent herbs that are known to have a favorable influence in the sexual sphere . It has a positive bearing on the male reproductive organ with its aphrodisiac qualities, regulate testosterone levels and help you address your sexual disorders. Check out more about homeopathic treatment of impotency here.

Stimulas helps to rejuvenate the lost vigor and vitality through a balanced combination of potent homeopathic remedies like Withania somnifera, Agnus castus, Damiana, Titanium etc. It also works as a stimulant, helps to relax and has a tonic and resorative effect on the body

Ingredients: Allen Stimulas drops contains Withania somnifera 1x, Agnus castus 1x, Damiana 1x, Titanium 8x, Nuphar lutea 1x, Staphysagria 3x, Avena Sat 1x, Selenium 3x, Caladium 3x, Acid Phos 3x, Alcohol 63.5% v/v

Action of individual ingredients in Stimulas:
Acid Phos:Useful for nervous weakness that leads to parts being relaxed during embrace, spermatorrhoea, night emissions and lack of libido
Agnus Castus: Specific action on parts/organ being cold and relaxed, desire gone. Scanty emission without ejaculation, gleety discharge due to mental issues
Damiana:Natural aphrodisiac, arouses sexual desire and mood for coition. Strengthen genital regions (helpful for old age), Reverses sexual neurasthania, impotency
Caladium 3x: Well known for its beneficial effect in the sexual sphere (for sex drive). It pharmacological effects is recorded in male problems such as impotence, spermatorrhoea, seminal weakness, nocturnal emissions.
Dosage: Adults 30 drops with water twice daily or as directed by the physician. For desired result one should use 3 bottles without interruption.

Size: 30ML packing

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  1. How to take Allen’s Nervine Tonic Stimulus.30 drops with water is recommended.But let me know how much water is needed :-half cup or full cup? Whether normal water or mildly hot water.Please mention me via E-mail.

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