St George Vigour Tone – An Ideal Tonic for Vigour and Vitality

"St George Vigour Tone Tonic for Vigour and Vitality, sexual wellness homeopathic medicine"

Speciality Homeopathic remedy for Sexual Neuresthania from St.George

St George Vigour Tone increases stamina, reduces anxiety and stress, rejuvenates the nerves, increase sperm count.

St George Vigour Tone Contains:
• Aswagandha Q(0.60ml),
• Avena Sativa Q(.30ml)
• Salix Nigra Q(0.30ml),
• Damiana Q(0.12ml),
• Natrum Phos,
• Calcarea Phos,
• Kali Phos(4g aa in 3x potency)
• Syrup Base make(100ml)

Mode of action of individual ingredients in St George Vigour Tone
Aswagandha Q: It enhances sexual potency.
Avena Sativa Q: Has a selective action on brain and nervous system, favourably influencing their nutritive function. Nervous exhaustion and sexual debility call for this remedy.
Salix Nigra Q: Increased sexual passion with genital irritability. Sexual thoughts. Lasciviousness, Lustfulness. Erotic insanity. Nymphomania. Painful movement of testicles. Seminal emissions in presence of women or while talking with them. In gonorrhoea with much erotic trouble. Cannot control sexual appetite.
Damiana Q: A very good remedy for impotency.
Natrum Phos: Aching rheumatic pains.
Calcarea Phos: Anaemia or debility after acute disease, or chronic wasting disease. Mental and physical weakness and fatigue.
Kali Phos: Conditions arising from want of nerve power. Nervous, sensitive, weak and easily fagged.

Dosage: 1 teaspoonful 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

Presentation: 115 ml

Manufacturer: St.George’s Homoeopathy

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  1. Thank you, Sir. I have received two bottles on 30th.august. It took 11 days for delivery. You said – ” You can use it safely until you regain your body strength back” I want to know- How long ? months togather or so on ? How many bottles more are required? After how many days, I can feel the change?

  2. How long I have to take this tonic? Is there any side effects by using George Vigour Tonic?

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