Shrinking Prostate; Clinically cured case study

Shrunk Prostate, Clinically cured case study

Shrinking Prostate: Clinically cured case study by a bengal based homeopathic doctor

Image Credit : DrSouparno Bose’s Homoeopathy

Another surgical disease is almost cured by homoeopathy.

Now I’m showing a case of Enlarged Prostate reduced by 10gms by DrSouparno Bose’s Homoeopathy.

Urine passes intermittently at night. He couldn’t control urination.
Obstinate constipation. Stool – every alternate day. When he passes stool it recedes back again.
Multiple small, pedunculated warts on face & eyebrow.
Angried easily with obstinate in character. Fixed ideas.
All joints are painful. He feels his knee joints would break while moving.
Dr prescribed Thuja 0/1 for 1st 15 days.
In this way upto 9 months Thuja 0/9 .
His control over urination gradually restored. Flow of urine gradually became normal & continuous.

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