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Research findings on female Sexuality

Research indicates to complex female sexual function that can be far more complex than that of men. Sexual desire in ladies plays a much larger role in the healthy sexual function of a woman which in comparison to men is significantly different. Woman’s sexual organs work similarly to men that is depending on blood flow and lubrication to provide pleasure. It is important to note that the preceding steps before intercourse of desire and arousal play a much larger part for the female sex. The six important parameters in the sensual needs of women to achieve a fully satisfactory sex life are; “desire”, “arousal”, “lubrication”, “orgasm”, “satisfaction” and “pain

As per study in a group of healthy university students (Bottari A et al., Panminerva Med 2012)it was found that better blood flow, improved mood, lowered oxidative stress, and decreased levels of anxiety leads to increased sexual desire. The following parameters were included in the study

1. Sexual desire or interest
2. Level (degree) of sexual desire or interest
3. Sexual arousal (how often)
4. Level of sexual arousal
5. Confidence (about arousal)
6. How often satisfied with arousal
7. How often become lubricated during sexual activity
8. How difficult to be lubricated during sexual activity
9. How often maintain lubrication until end of sexual activity
10. How difficult to maintain lubrication until end of sexual activity
11. How often reach orgasm
12. How difficult reach orgasm
13. Ability to reach orgasm
14. Emotional closeness
15. Satisfaction about sexual relationship
16. Satisfaction with overall sexual life
17. How often discomfort or pain (at penetration)
18. How often discomfort or pain (following penetration)
19. Level (degree) of discomfort/pain during/after penetration

Factors affecting Libido in Women

Women are prone to sensitivities and sadness and it can get complicated by weakness leading to lack of sexual desire, changing moods, suppression of menses, irregularity of periods and flow. Health and lifestyle indirectly controls the higher centers responsible for activation or inhibition of sexual hormones.

Problems that females face during coition (intercourse) and indicated medicines

  • Acidum phos. (tds): Dull headache after coition.
  • Agaricus mus. (tds): Any complaint after coitus.
  • Ambra grisea (tds): Asthma during coition and on attempting coition.
  • Argentum nit. (tds): Hemorrhage after coition. Coition is painful.
  • Berberis vulg. (tds): Desire diminished on account of cutting pain during coition.
  • Sensation of pleasure comes very late or is absent. Bleeding after intercourse can be due to a uterine cancer or cervical infection.
  • Bronium (tds): Absence of thrill during coition.
  • Calcarea carb Caladium seguinum (tds): Absence of thrill (orgasm) at the apex of sexual intercourse.
  • Cannabis ind. (tds): Backache after coition.
  • Cobaltum met. (tds): Weakness in legs and backache after coition.
  • Graphites: Great aversion to coition.
  • Hydrastis (tds): The patient hates coition and does not even want to talk about love making.
  • Kreosotum (tds): Discharge is bloody and burning after coition. Coitus is followed by a flow of blood the next day is the key symptom of this remedy. Bleeding after sex can be due to cervical infection along with prolapse of uterus or cervical cancer or uterine cancer. Bleeding after sexual intercourse should always be investigated.
  • Lycopodium (tds): Chronic dryness of the vaginal cavity. Great burning in the vagina during and after coition.
  • Lupulus (tds): Nausea, dizziness or headache right after debauch.
  • Natrium mur. (tds): Aversion to coition in anemic women with dryness of the vagina.
  • Platinum met. (ids): Fainting during coition.
  • Plumbum met. (tds): Aversion to coition.
  • Pulsatilla nig. (tds): The patient does not allow the man to touch the parts. Clitoris is very sensitive to touch.
  • Salix alba (tds): Excessive desire for sexual intercourse.
  • Sepia (tds): Coition is painful. There is vertigo alter coition and aversion to coition. The vagina is dry or leucorrhea is present. Constipation may be there.
  • Staphysagria (tds): Coition painful in younger life. Breathlessness; after and during coition.
  • Strychninum purum (tds): Great desire for sexual intercourse in ladies and the desire inflames on touch of any portion of the body.

Women sex female libido booster medicines

Agnus Castus pentarkan from Schwabe has a regularizing effect on the hormonal functions of the female sexual organs and normalizes menstruation as well as complaints associated with premenstrual syndrome. It has agnus castus that has a distinct ation on sexual sphere, ladies have a lack of desire for sex, relaxed genitals with or without leucorrhoea, scanty menses or sterility. In majority of the cases palpitation, sadness and nervous depression are present.

Isotropin with HGH contains natural amino acid L-Arginie that achieves Vasodilation leading to arousal due to improved blood flow to the reproductive organs. Arginine’s effects in this area occur after enzymes transform it into nitric oxide ( not Nitrous Oxide! ) or NO, a messenger gas that travels easily from cell to cell.

If you’re a woman whose breasts fell tender, with pockets of hard swelling, and whose desire for sex is ebbing , try Conium, says Dr. Lockie and Dr. Geddes.

They say that Lycopodium may help if you have a dry vagina and tenderness in your lower abdomen over the right ovary. If you feel weepy, chilly and irritable, have a lack of sexual desire, they suggests trying Sepia.

For hormonal disturbances in women that can lead to frigidity, R20 Glandular drops from Dr.Reckeweg may be considered. Its ingredients treat the typical underlying symptoms of loss of sexual desire in women i.e, physical weakness, psychogenic depression (during menopause), nervous irritability, headaches, and hypersensitivity.

Dr. H S Khaneja recommends Onosmodium (thrice daily) for complete lack of sexual desire in women. This is a booster for low libido in women

He advises Orchitinum 3x (testesterone, thrice daily) for sexual weakness in females after ovariectomy or senile sexual weakness

Sabal Serr Q (one dose) – sexual desire is lost in females due to nervousness and some sort of fear

Yohimbinum Q (thrice daily) – stimulates sexual desire in women who are frigid and cold.

Women with vaginal dryness are in no mood for sex, the weariness of experiencing pain during intercourse is a big put off. Vaginal health is important for healthy libido in women, those experiencing infection or having hormonal problems (low Estrogen levels) will have no inclination for intercourse. Homeopathic products like SBL clean feel and Mayons EvesCare Wash help maintain hygiene aiding normal vaginal lubrication and tissue health

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