SBL Kalmegh Paediatric Drops for indigestion, constipation

SBL Kalmegh Paediatric Drops for indigestion, flatulence, constipation, gastric and hepatic complaints

SBL Kalmegh drops is indicated for indigestion, flatulence (gas formation), constipation, covers wide range of gastric and hepatic complaints.

About indigestion
Impaired digestion or indigestion is characterized by loss of appetite, fullness or heaviness in abdomen, gas formation, eructations, nausea, vomiting & constipation. Indigestion, especially of fats, may be the result of liver disorder. Poor liver functioning can be due to consuming contaminated food & water, excessive alcohol intake, sedentary lifestyle, prolonged consumption of drugs such as antibiotics, aspirin and pain killers.

SBL Kalmegh Paediatric Drops Composition
• Andrographis paniculata 2x
• Carduus marianus 2x
• Carica papaya 2x
• Chelidonium majus 1x
• Chionanthus virginica 1x
• Myrica cerifera 1x

SBL Kalmegh Paediatric Drops Contraindications: No known contraindications.

SBL Kalmegh Paediatric Drops Dosage: Children: 5-10 drops three times daily.

Presentation: SBL Kalmegh Paediatric Drops comes in 30ml sealed bottle.

MRP: 70/- (Buy online !!, get upto 15% off)

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