SBL FP Tabs Homeopathy medicine for Fissures and Piles

SBL FP Tabs Homeopathy medicine Fissures Piles Ratanhia Hamamelis virginica Aesculus hip Calcarea fluorica

SBL FP Tabs is a proven homeopathic remedy for fissures and piles. It acts as anti haemorrhagic agent and has pain relieving properties giving soothing effect. FP tabs has pain relieving , anti constipatory and haemostatic properties which help in curing anal fissures and piles.

SBL FP tabs taken orally and FP Ointment applied locally is an ideal combination to treat piles and fissures. FP tabs has pain relieving, anti-constipatory and haemostatic properties, which helps in curing anal fissures and piles haemorrhoids by reducing pain and venous congestion around the anus. FP Tab acts as anti-haemorrhagic and has pain relieving properties giving soothing effect.

About Piles: Put simply, Piles are the swollen blood vessels around the anus and in the rectum which will stretch under pressure and may swell or bulge. Fissures are cuts around the anus which can bleed cause lot of pain. Fissures and piles are caused due to chronic constipation or diarrhea, lifting heavy weights regularly, pregnancy or straining when passing a stool.

Ingredients / Composition: SBL FP tabs contains Ratanhia 3, Hamamelis virginica 3x, Aesculus hippocastanum 3x, Aloe Socotrina 6, and Calcarea fluorica that heals anal fissure and relieves piles effectively.

Dosage: Two SBL FP Tabs tablets every three hours daily for 2 weeks or as directed by the physician.

Contra-Indications of SBL FP tabs: No known contra-indication. Safe to use

Presentation: SBL FP Tabs comes in 25gms and 450gms

Price/Rate: MRP: Rs.125/680 (Buy online !! Get upto 15% OFF)

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18 thoughts on “SBL FP Tabs Homeopathy medicine for Fissures and Piles”

  1. A mitral valve replaced patient on blood thinner warferine , can take this medicine for anal fissure! Any safe medicine?

    1. People above 60 years under warfarin treatment may face bleeding problems especially in the initial stages of treatment. For others there is a high risk of bleeding if the dosage of warfarin is sufficiently high or those involved in physical activity or sports. While FP Tabs is a safe homeopathic medicine without any drug interactions or side effects, we suggest you consult your homeopath once in the matter

  2. Please let me know if it is safe for pregnant wonen to take as this piles problem happens during pregnancy.

    1. SBL FP Tabs is indicated as free of side effects (contra indication) but does not mention whether it can be taken during pregnancy. Doctor advise is suggested
      Dr.Cristina recommends a safe set of Dr.Banerjee protocol medicines for various conditions during pregnancy, pls check here

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