Running Nose and Sneezing Allergy Homeopathy Remedy

How to stop sneezing running nose from allergies

Allium Cepa has an effect on the nose, sinuses, ears, eyes, throat, larynx and nerves. Its medicinal properties helps halt running nose and sneezing allergy with natural antihistamine effect. It is a good natural medicine to treat nasal allergies, Nasal discharges, sneezing and eye watering

What is good for allergies sneezing and runny nose?
You can treat allergic rhinitis and its common symptoms like sneezing and runny nose naturally with homeopathic remedies. The symptoms of allergic sneezing and running nose may be worse in the afternoon and evening, in a warm room, and from damp weather. Allium cepa made from red onion tempers the allergic response by providing a natural antihistamine effect

How do I stop a runny nose from allergies?
A stuffy or running nose is a classic symptom of allergic rhinitis, the watery discharge from the nose is thin and acrid. There is watery discharge from the eyes along with running nose but it is usually bland, incessant sneezing is also present. You can stop runny nose naturally with allium cepa which has an immediate effect on the nose, sinuses, eyes, alongwith throat, larynx and nerves. As per materia medica, Its natural body affinity for mucous membranes especially the eyes, nose, larynx causing secretion makes it an ideal remedy for runny nose.

How can I get rid of nasal allergies at home fast?
You can take safe and side effect free homeopathy allergy remedies at home and get rid of the allergic tendency naturally. All you have to do is match the symptoms to remedies and give 30c potency pills every half an hour in acute cases and wait for few hours, if slight improvement increase potency to 200c.

  • watery discharge from the eyes along with running nose – allium cepa 30
  • scanty nasal discharge with a stuffy nose and sneezing and thirst – Arsenicum album 30
  • discharge from the nose is thin and watery and resembles the white of an egg – Natrum Mur 200
  • frontal pains, redness and watering of eyes, sore throat – sabadilla 30
  • intense itching in the palate and the nose – arundo 30
  • lachrymation and intolerable itching of the eyelids – ambrosia 30
  • thick, yellow, nasal discharge. Catararh – arsenic iodide 30

Running nose and Sneezing allergy Homeopathy Medicines

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