Radiation Sickness Treatment in Homeopathy

We are exposed to different forms of radiation everyday like microwaves from a microwave oven, electromagnetic radiation from cell phone., security scan at airports and medical x-ray scans at the hospital or dentist. On average, Americans receive a radiation dose of about 0.62 rem (620 millirem) each year. Half of this dose comes from natural background radiation.

Radiation sickness is illness and symptoms resulting from excessive exposure to ionizing radiation. There are two main types of radiation: nonionizing and ionizing. Nonionizing radiation comes in the form of light, radio waves, microwaves and radar.

what is the initial signs of too much radiation exposure to human body?
In cases of acute radiation syndrome like in radioactive industrial accident zones, the body is exposed to higher amounts of energy particles in the ionizing radiation. These high energy particle cause radiation poisoning and symptomps may start showing up likee nausea, vomiting, headache, and diarrhea. These symptoms start within minutes to days after the exposure, can last for minutes up to several days, and may come and go. An adult human can take exposre to 5,000 Millirems of radiation without causing harm. However, as the whole-body radiation dose approaches 450 rads the death rate will approximate 50%

which part of the body is affected by radiation causing sicknesss?
Lymphocytes (white blood cells) and cells which produce blood are constantly regenerating, and are, therefore, the most sensitive to radiation. Reproductive and gastrointestinal cells are not regenerating as quickly and are less sensitive. high-energy radiation damages or destroys cells that are susceptible in your body. Destructive and irreparable changes in the GI tract and bone marrow usually cause infection, dehydration, and electrolyte imbalance

How to treat radiation poisoning or Radiation Sickness naturally?
Homeopathy offers an alternative form of treating radiation sickness. The areas of action are as follows

  • Ameliorates the effects of radiation exposure
  • Treats Violent nausea, retching, vomiting
  • Protects glands, bloated abdomen, frequent desire to stool
  • Treats enlarged spleen
  • Heals Sores, open wounds
  • Soothes Red skin with itching, burning, swelling. Skin ulcers.
  • Calms Anxiousness in nerves, headache, vomiting, dermatitis
  • Recuperates abnormally thin, wasted patients.
  • Reduces Fluid accumulations.
  • Treats Radiation dermatitis. Itching skin eruptions. Warty growths.

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