Wheezal WL 8 Cough Drops, Homeopathy medicine


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Wheezal WL 8 Cough Drops is a homeopathic remedy that softens and soothes cough. A cough is a sudden and often repetitively reflex which clear the lung passage from secretions, irritants, allergen, foreign particles and microbes. Mostly coughing is caused by Respiratory tract infection.


All types of cough during rhinolaryngo-pharyngitis, bronchitis, asthmatic allergy, Bronchial asthma, tubercular and fits of coughing in Phithisis.


Belladonna 3x, Passiflora Incarnata. 2x, Coccus. Cacti. 3x, Drosera Rotundifolia 1x, Ipecacuanha 3x, Spongia Tosta 3x, Sticta. Pulmonaria 3x, Thymus. Serpylium 3x


Adults: 10 to 15 drops, 4 to 6 times daily in 2 spoon of water.

Child: 8 to 10 drops, 4 to 6 times in 2 spoon of water or as prescribed by the physician.

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