Vashisht Echinecia Augusta 1x Tablets, Homeopathy Immunity Medicine


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Vashisht Echinecia Augusta 1x Tablets, Homeopathic Immunity Medicine against virus & bacteria. It is detoxifying wound healing properties and is a strong anti-fungal, anti inflammatory. Is traditionally used for acute and auto infections. It is a remarkable remedy for blood dyscrasia (diseased state of the blood with abnormal cellular elements), last stage of cancer to ease pain. Also used in snake bites and stings. Addresses immunity disorders and boost body defense mechanism naturally.

Key Benefits

  • Contains alkamides like isobutylamide, cynarin, betaine, humulene etc. Covered in the Indian & German Homeopathic pharmacopoeias
  • 100 Tablets packed in a single bottle
  • Free from side effects, contra indications, artificial flavours, colours and chemical preservatives
  • Recommended and trusted by homeopaths
  • Vashisht brings the best of mother tinctures in convenient tablets form, manufactured under strict quality control, ensuring strongest value of each mother tincture in pure imported HMS brand lactose based tablets.
  • One of its kind remedy in India, made from Homeopathic Mother Tincture as per HPI, GMP standards. Easily absorbed and digested.

Composition of Vashisht Echinecia augusta 1x

  • Echinecia augusta 1x in lactose base

Dosage of Vashisht Echinecia augusta 1x

Adults- 2 Tablets 3 times a day or as directed by your homoeopathic physician.

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