Vashisht Arnica Gel, Homeopathic Injury Remedies


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Vashisht Arnica Gel, Homeopathic injury remedies provides antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal and decongestive properties in topical form. Arnica is excellent for healing of bruises since it has the ability to stimulate blood flow and increase its circulation beneath the skin thereby reducing the time for wounds to heal.

Key Benefits

  • Arnica is the most important of the homeopathic injury remedies, and acts on the soft tissues, including the muscles and blood vessels. Now available in 100% natural ointment form.
  • Fast and rapid healing. Relieves pain, Promotes healing. Indicated for Strains, Falls, Bruises, Concussions.
  • Arnica is prepared from the daisy like herb of the same name, also known as fall herb, that usually grows in mountainous areas. Arnica has anti-inflammatory, anti microbial and antiseptic properties
  • Faster absorption, non sticky,
  • Made from Aloevera based gel (no petroleum ingredient) 100% Natural
  • Recommended and trusted by homeopaths

Composition of Vashisht Arnica Gel

  • Arnica MT
  • Suitable gel base q.s


Apply Vashisht Arnica Gel externally twice daily on clean and dried affected area.

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