St. George’s Biocombination 23 (BC23) tablets for toothache


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About St. George’s Bio-Combination 23 tablets

St. George’s Biochemic Combination Tablets BC23 is a homeopathic medicine that provides effective relief from oral ailments such as toothache, bleeding, and swelling of gums. Neuralgic pain or pain caused due to unnatural loosening of gums is also relieved using this remedy. It helps in strengthening teeth and provides relieves from pain and inflammation.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps in reducing swelling and bleeding in gums
  • Provides relief from neuralgic pain in teeth
  • Helps in the strengthening of teeth in the socket
  • Helps in treating loosening of teeth and hard swelling of the jaw
  • Effective in treating ulceration of teeth
  • It also provides relief from a toothache caused due to sensitivity

St. George’s Bio-combination Tablets BC 23 contents and their action:

  • Ferrum phosphoricum – 3x Increased Body temperature during teething. Redness, heat, throbbing, minor irritations along with sore red throat, toothache, minor ear pain, common colds.
  • Calcarea fluorica – 3x Unnatural looseness of the teeth, with or without pain; teeth become loose in their sockets. Toothache, with pain if any food touches the tooth. Gum-boil, with hard swelling on the jaw.
  • Magnesia phosphorica – 3x Toothache better by heat and hot liquids. Ulceration of teeth with swelling of glands of face, throat, and neck.


Adults should take 4 tablets every three hours or four times a day, children should take 1-2 tablets four times a day. Or, as directed by the physician.

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