Schwabe Enukind Globules, Homeopathic Remedy for Bedwetting


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Schwabe Enukind Globules, Homeopathic Remedy for Bedwetting is a clinically established therapy for bedwetting in children. This formulation also effectively controls frequency of urination, nervousness. Takes care of mental and physical debility due to nocturnal enuresis.

Clinical indications of Schwabe Enukind Globules

  • Bed wetting

Composition of Schwabe Enukind Globules

Ferrum phosphoricum 8x, Atropinum 6x, Acidum phosporicum 2x, Kresotum 6x, Staphysagaria 4x, Petroselinum sativum 3x, Tabacum 12x.

Dosage of Schwabe Enukind Globules

In acute cases 2-5 globules of Enukind every half hour. Once the symptoms are reduced, 3 globules 3 times a day until the symptoms disappear (to be given 15 minutes before food intake). If complaints are not relieved, consult a specialist.
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