SBL Rhus Tox Gel for joint pains, sciatica & muscule pain


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About SBL Rhus Tox Gel

SBL Rhus Tox Gel is potent homeopathic medicine for arthritis, joint pain, and other bone-related disorders. These are prepared from the finest herbs procured from reliable sources of cultivation. These tinctures are prepared with Extra Neutral alcohol as a base which is regarded as the finest quality alcohol.

Indications of SBL Rhus Tox Gel:

  • Pain in multiple joints
  • Stiffness of joints
  • Septic conditions of skin with eruptions, eczema-like conditions.
  • Hot, painful swelling of joints.

Key Benefits:

  • It is an effective medicine for helping treat arthritis, tearing pain in tendons, ligaments
  • It also is useful in helping treat rheumatic pains spread over a large surface at the nape of the neck and extremities
  • The gel helps manage pain between shoulders on swallowing, pain and stiffness in the small of the back
  • It is commonly used to help treat urticaria

Application of SBL Rhus Tox Gel:

Apply Rhus Tox gel externally 2-3 times a day on clean and dried affected area or as directed by the physician.

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