SBL Pimplex Tablets, Medicine For Pimples


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SBL Pimplex Tablets is a Homeopathy Medicine for Pimples. These tablets are clinically proven formulation composed of well balanced homeopathic medicines which improves skin nutrition and treats pimples and comedones (blackheads) effectively and prevents pitting and scarring on face.

Clinical indications of SBL Pimplex Tablets

  • Acne vulgaris (Pimples) located mostly on face, back of neck, upper back and chest,
  • Blackheads (comedones)
  • Whiteheads
  • Reddish pink spots
  • Painful pustular eruptions on face and back

Composition of SBL Pimplex Tablets

  • Arsenic iodatum 4x
  • Echinacea angustifolia 1x
  • Asterias rubens 6
  • Nux vomica 3x
  • Berberis aquifolium 1x

Dosage of SBL Pimplex Tablets

2 Tablets 4 times daily. Half of adult dose.
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