SBL Babchi Oil, White Patches On Skin


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SBL Babchi Oil is a Homeopathy medicine for Psoriasis and White Patches On Skin. Treats itching, red eruptions, extensive eczema with thickened skin, ringworm, rough and discolored dermatosis, dermatosis with fissures, psoriasis, white patches and scabies. Sesame oil helps moisturize the dry, chapped skin and reduce antibacterial infections.

Clinical indication of SBL Babchi Oil

  • Pale spots
  • Depigmentation of skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Dryness of skin

Composition of SBL Babchi Oil

  • Psoralea Corylifolia HPI 10% w/v
  • Antioxidant Preservative Mixture IHS 1% v/v
  • Sesame oil HPI q.s

Application of SBL Babchi Oil

Apply on the affected area twice a day.
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