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About Post Surgical Kit – By Cristina Villacorta, Homeopath

This doctor recommended kit consists of 35 prescribed homeopathy medicines recommended post-surgery. Homeopathic remedies after surgery are indicated to relieve pain, bruising, and swelling associated with trauma, symptoms of general fatigue, lack of energy, and irritability, among others.

Below set of homeopathy 2-dram pellets has been recommended by an experienced and qualified Homeopath Cristina Villacorta.


Post Surgical homeopathy Kit

Aconitum N 200C remedy is indicated if fear persists after the operation. 3 times per day for a couple of days before or Aconite 200 am/pm the day before the operation and as per needed.

Alumina 200C is indicated if there is no desire for stool at all and for the inactivity of the rectum and bowels. Use twice per day.

Arsenicum Album 30C for those that are feeling very restless and need to be pacing up and down before the day. One dose every 2-3 hours.

Arnica 200C is wonderful in the cases of cardiovascular or brain surgery to avoid post-surgical complications like thrombosis or infarction. In this case, give a single dose of Arnica 200 before the operation. After any other operation, if there is not much bleeding, a few doses of Arnica will help with the trauma and avoid infection.

Belladonna 30C/ 3C remedy is particularly useful if there is pain from inflammation with fever after the operation. Use 3C for abdominal pain and the 30c for general inflammation. This remedy is also useful for colic of gallbladder or kidney that develops suddenly. A 30 c or 200c every few hours will help to bring down the inflammation.

Bellis Perennis 200C which acts as in deeper tissue after major abdominal surgical work.

Calendula 6C is a great remedy for healing internal or external wounds after surgery and works very nicely after Staphysagria and Bellis-perennis. It will also prevent infection at the wound site. It can be used 2-3 times per day for as long as it is needed.

Carbo Veg 30C may be better suited if the patient is cold and sweaty and wants more air, he feels as if there is not enough air around (may want to be fanned). ​A few doses of 30c every hour or so until the patient feels better and thereafter when needed will be sufficient.

Colocynthis 200C can be useful as well and the patient can feel very angry with his condition. Colocynthis follows Staphysagria very nicely in abdominal operations.

Fluoric Acid 200C is indicated in post-surgical adhesions most frequently develop after abdominal surgery.

Graphites 200C is indicated in post-surgical adhesions most frequently develop after abdominal surgery. One dose every 3rd day for scars that are painful.

Hypericum 200C is very useful for pain following lumbar punctures or spinal taps. Hypericum is indicated in any procedure that involves an area rich in sensitive nerves.

Ipecac 30C is indicated for the feeling of continuous nausea that is not better by vomiting.

Ledum 200C is the main remedy for any problems or pain after puncture wounds. For instance- after a biopsy, insertion of a cannula, after inserting an IV catheter, intravenous drip or infusion, or after a blood test.

Lycopodium 200C twice per day is very helpful in reducing gas and the pain associated with it.

Mag Phos 200 is a great antispasmodic remedy, for neuralgic pains and colic therefore a good remedy after abdominal surgery where there is colic with flatulence.

Nux Vomica 30C needs to be considered as well if there is much retching but does not lead to vomiting. Nux vomica aids detoxification of the liver and it would help process and clear the toxic load from the medical drugs.

Opium 30C is another remedy often indicated after the use of opioid analgesia that creates a paralysis of the intestines. Use twice per day

Phosphorus 30C is the first remedy indicated for postoperative vomiting.

Pyrogenium 200C acts like a general antibiotic in cases where fever continues for a long period after the surgery, maybe even weeks and the infection does not even respond to antibiotics.

Raphanus 30C is a good remedy for trapped wind after surgery which can be quite common.

Ruta 200C is indicated for any operation involving cartilage or periosteum at some stage. This is a great remedy to consider for knee or hip replacement and in any orthopedic surgery.

Staphysagria 200C in abdominal operations, Staphysagria is preferred after the operation which suits the clear cut incisions. It is nicely complemented by Bellis Perennis 200, which acts as in deeper tissue.

Symphytum 200C is indicated for wounds penetrating the bone, so it is also a good pain remedy for any orthopedic surgery and can be+ combined with Hypericum 200 for pain.

Thiosinaminum 6X is an excellent remedy for scar tissue that has become contracted and thickened. This remedy has the power to dissolve thick scar tissue after surgical operations but it should be used twice per day for several months.

Hepar Sulph 200C + Arsenicum 200C combination remedy is indicated for bed sores. Use two or 3 times per day depending on the severity of symptoms

Hypericum 200C + Arsenicum 200C combination remedy is indicated for any soft tissue infection and wound healing. It can be used every 3 hours and reduced to twice per day as it continues to improve.

Nux vomica 30C + Colocynthis 200C combination remedy is indicated for if there are cramps and pain every 2-3 hours.

Lycopodium 200C + Plumb Met 200C combination remedy is very useful for post-operative constipation. Use twice per day

Note: Each 2-dram pills bottle consists of more than 150 pills/pellets of individual remedy.

How to take the remedies?

  • Put the remedies in your mouth and allow them to dissolve.
  • If you are taking several remedies, allow at least 10 minutes between each remedy unless they are combination remedies.

Additional information

Weight 1500 g


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