Medisynth Phytofit Tablets for weight regulation


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About Medisynth Phytofit Tablet

Medisynth Phytofit Tablet acts as a weight regulator. It maintains the correct balance between food intake and weight gain. If combined with proper diet control, this preparation helps to achieve and maintain a slim figure.

Action of Ingredients in Medisynth Phytofit Tablet

  • Fucus vesiculosis : Specific Remedy for weight loss. Patients with defect in thyroid gland and because of it they are gaining weight and becoming fat. It is a diuretic and detoxifying agent. It burns excess fat and sugar.
  • Phytolacca berry :  Phytolacca berry is useful for obese people who want to maintain their weight. This natural remedy helps in burning of the extra fat from the body. Phytolacca berry induce proper metabolism of the food and aids in effective digestion of food.
  • Graphites:Generally inclined to obesity, who suffer from habitual constipation and delayed menstruation. Tendency to put on unhealthy fat; plump, anemic, fair.
  • Kali Carbonicum: For fleshy, aged people with a tendency to dropsy.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps to manage weight and maintain slim figure
  • Regulates the metabolism through proper oxidization of the adipose tissues
  • Maintain proper balance between food intake and weight gain
  • Effective for obesity by enhancing the metabolic activity of the body
  • Improves the absorption rate of food

Directions For Use:

2 tablets 2 times in a day for adults, half of the adult dose for children or as prescribed by the physician

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