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Dr Reckeweg R55 Drops, Homeopathy Wound Healing Medicine is a proprietary blend of several homeopathic herbs like arnica, belladonna etc selected for their ability to address all types of injuries, complete dislocation of a joint (luxation), fracture, wounds caused due to sharp weapons or fire arms that involves bleeding, temporary unconsciousness or confusion (concussion) of brain. It is also indicated for feverish infections, presence in tissues of harmful bacteria and toxins through infection of a wound (sepsis) and generally to stimulate the defensive energy. It treats heart strain and disease marked by inflammation and pain in the joints and muscles (rheumatism) occurring where the older injuries are sustained.

Clinical indications of R55 Drops

Injuries of all types, fracture, luxation, sprain, concussion of brain, wounds caused by fire-arms or sharp weapons, involving bleeding. May be used as a complementary remedy in feverish infections, sepsis, and in general on account of its stimulating effect on the defensive energy of the organism.
The present remedy also covers excesses in sports, over strain, as for instance of laborers carrying heavy weights (heart strain), and rheumatism occurring where old injuries have been sustained.

Composition of R55 Drops

Dr Reckeweg R55 Drops, Homeopathy Wound Healing Medicine contains Arnica D3, Belladonna D4, Calendula D3, Echinacea Angust. D3, Hamamelis D4, Rhus Tox. D6, Ruta D6, Symphytum D6.

Dosage of R55 Drops

Dr Reckeweg R55 Drops, Homeopathy Wound Healing Medicine is indicated to be taken as follows; in acute injuries every 10 minutes 10-15 drops in a little water or undiluted.
In fracture, take, the first day every 1/4 hour, the second day every ½ hour, the third day every hour, 15 drops. Then 3-6 times daily 10-15 drops, possibly before meals.
In influenza and cardiac complaints (caused by over strain) use the present remedy alternatively with other remedies according to the degree of gravity, every ? – ? hour.
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