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Carbo Vegetabilis therapeutic range of actions as per Boerick Materia Medica

Disintegration and imperfect oxidation is the keynote of this remedy. The typical Carbo patient is sluggish, fat and lazy and has a tendency to chronicity in his complaints. Blood seems to stagnate in the capillaries, causing blueness, coldness, and ecchymosis. Body becomes blue, icy-cold. Bacteria find a rich soil in the nearly lifeless stream and sepsis and typhoidal state ensues.

A lowered vital power from loss of fluids, after drugging; after other diseases; in old people with venous congestions; states of collapse in cholera, typhoid; these are some of the conditions offering special inducements to the action of Carbo veg. The patient may be almost lifeless, but the head is hot; coldness, breath cool, pulse imperceptible, oppressed and quickened respiration, and must have air, must be fanned hard, must have all the windows open. This is a typical state for Carbo veg. The patient faints easily, is worn out, and must have fresh air. Haemorrhage from any mucous surface. Very debilitated. Patient seems to be too weak to hold out. Persons who have never fully recovered from the effects of some previous illness. Sense of weight, as in the head (occiput), eyes and eyelids, before the ears, in the stomach, and elsewhere in the body; putrid (septic) condition of all its affections, coupled with a burning sensation. General venous stasis, bluish skin, limbs cold.

Dose-First to third trituration in stomach disorders. Thirtieth potency and higher in chronic conditions, and in collapse.

Leading characteristics of Carbo Vegetabilis

  1. Collapsing condition with coldness, sweating, pale face, feeble pulse, cold tongue, cold breath, cyanosis (skin blue from deoxygenated blood) needing oxygen, wants to be fanned.
  2. Shock after surgical operation, trauma, electric shock, allergic or due to acute and serious diseases, cold body, pale face, cold breath; perspires profusely and wants to be fanned.
  3. Passive haemorrhages in delicate and feeble persons.
  4. Fainting in anaemic and debilitated persons.
  5. Bad effects from fatty, rich food, alcohol, wine, debauch-ery, putrid fish or meat.
  6. Acute diseases, e.g., pneumonia, bronchitis, dyspnoea (difficult breathing) in old persons.
  7. Metastasis (transfer) of mumps to mammae or testicles.
  8. Bad effects of some exhausting illness.
  9. Asthma from measles or pertussis (whooping cough) of childhood.
  10. Remote effects of injuries received long ago.
  11. Ulcers or other diseases taking a chronic course, after bad effects of typhoid, or typhus.
  12. Bad effects of mercury or quinine, suppressed malaria.
  13. Most suitable for:
    (a) premature persons enfeebled by acute diseases.;
    (b) old persons with feeble circulation;
    (c) women at the turn of life, i.e., menopause;
    (d) who are susceptible to warm and wet weather;
    (e) who are sensitive to any irregularity in their diet;
    (f) who are of scorbutic (affected with scurvy), flatulent (gas-forming) and allergic disposition;
    (g) chronic diseases in persons of low vitality due to lack of reaction;
    (h) weak persons with low vitality due to loss of blood.

Recommended Dosage

Please note that the dosage of single homoeopathic medicines varies from drug to drug depending upon the condition, age, sensitivity and other things. In some cases they are given as regular doses as 3-5 drops 2-3 times a day whereas in other cases they are given only once in a week, month or even in a longer period.


Carbo Vegetabilis is diluted in various potencies namely 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M

About Dr.Reckeweg Mother Tinctures

Dr.Reckeweg Mother Tinctures confirm with German pharmacopoeia specifications. They undergo quality testing for Organoleptic, chemical, physic-chemical, microbiological properties. The standards confirm to German (PharmBetrO) and international (GMP, PIC) guidelines and therefore has highest therapeutic value. The medicines undergo hand potentizing,  which is deliberately performed manually, i.e. without using any technological equipment.

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