Dr Bakshi B71 Arthropathy Drops, Homeopathy for Pain & Stiffness


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Dr Bakshi B71 Arthropathy Drops Homeopathy for Pain & Stiffness. Relieves symptoms of painful, swollen and stiff joints associated with arthritis.

Clinical indications:

  • Arthritis

Dr.Bakshi’s B71 Drops Contains

Acidum sulphuricum 6x, Argentum met. 12x, Arnica mont. 4x, Bryonia alb. 4x, Causticum hah.12x, Ledum pal. 3x.

Dosage Dr.Bakshi B71 Arthropathy Drops

10-15 drops in little water is to be taken 3 times daily before meals for atlest 12-16 weeks. In acute cases take dose 2 hourly, 6 times a day.

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